Traveling with Crystals and Jewelry

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Bringing your crystals along during your travels is a powerful anchor and quite necessary. I love traveling with my crystal companions. Not only are they supportive during the trips, they are also soaking in the energy of the journeys.

Every place has its own specific frequency, and the crystals can soak up the energy of where they are.

Perhaps you have a special place that you love to visit often, and if your crystals come along, they as well can bring this energy back within their crystalline formation. So, when you return home from your travels, you will bring the lovely energy from the land back with you. This is especially potent if you are celebrating something special and your crystals can soak in the essence of this energy. Be it a wedding, anniversary, special birthday, a remembrance of a loved one, or perhaps it’s just a special place that they can bring back to your heart. Let your crystals be your quiet, powerful companions. You may also ask them to help you remember and connect back to the experience. For example, every time I go back and forth between Kauai and Santa Monica, I bring gems I am designing. I sit them at my altar, as well as special crystals to connect the two energies. It is very grounding and inspiring to welcome the gems and crystals to hold this frequency. Bringing your jewelry and crystals to a special beach and letting them soak in the sea cleanses them and shifts their frequencies.

Home is very grounding for us and during our travels we may find that we need connection back to our roots. Before you embark on your trip, sit with your crystals and ask them to help ground you through the transition of traveling. This can be done with any of your crystals. Some suggestions are as follows:

Clear Quartz - excellent for programming and holding frequency

Shungite - grounding and protective

Black Tourmaline - solid as a rock, extremely protective and rooting

Amethyst - helps us adapt to our surroundings, it's supportive, and frankly just gives us what we need

These are just a few suggestions. Any crystals are here to help and support you in all the ways. If you have a specific one that you just love, ask it to support you to ground to your space as you are journeying.

On your travels, you may meet special people that you feel connected with and perhaps you could also bring them crystals as gifts to remember your energy. Before you pack them for your trip, you can sit with these crystals in a meditation. You can speak to them both physically in silence or through words and ask them to hold the gifts you are offering up. Perhaps you’re going to see a beloved family member or friend and you want them to remember how incredible and amazing they are, speak this love into the crystals. As you present it, they will feel it, and it will be a reminder and an anchor to your heart connection together. 

When I am traveling, I always bring Selenite along. It’s a fantastic cleanser and refresher for both all the jewelry I wear, as well as my surroundings and specifically the physical space where I stay. 

In general, when I travel, I always bring sage, palo santo, and incense that I love. I also bring frankincense, resin, selenite, black tourmaline, obsidian, and shungite. Whether it’s a bracelet or the physical crystals, they are great to have with you.

I’ve often left a piece of selenite next to me on an airplane as it is always by my side. And speaking of airplanes, before I even step foot in one, I am surrounding the plane with a protective blue light, sending Reiki to both the travel destination and the experience of the airplane. I have found this to be harmonizing on my trips and I welcome you to do the same. I always put my hand on the right hand side of the plane as I’m stepping on and send it a moment of prayer and love before I step inside the vessel. Try it. It feels amazing and the other passengers and crew members will thank you whether they know it or not they are feeling it and you will notice that people are actually quite appreciative. Remember, we are all deeply connected, and when we are sending positive energy out, we are all feeling it.

Always feel free to reach out to the shop and we can work with you specifically on any trips you may be taking or special events that may be happening on your travels. If you want to create a custom travel kit, we are honored and thrilled to help you do so. Reach out at (310) 804-4611. Our dedicated client line is always there for you.



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  • Hi Laurie,
    thanks for asking! Selinite I would not put in the ocean. Unless you want to just offer it to the ocean but it will dissolve in water.

    Ele on
  • Are there any crystals that can’t be bathed in the ocean?

    Thank you!

    Laurie Winthers on

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