"You Ele - you are THE reason I have my baby girl - Jenna was conceived just weeks after I started wearing the moonstone you recommended for me. I feel your love every time I see you, every time I enter your beautiful shop. You genuinely serve others with your whole heart. I am forever grateful to you. You are a blessing. You should have everything that makes you happy in life. If you have a wish, come see Ele!"

- Sarah G. 2/1/22

"I first discovered Ele, and her store, on Instagram. I was really impressed by the quality, and uniqueness of her crystals and jewelry. In a time when I was feeling a bit depressed about being trapped at home watching her lives on IG put a smile on my face.

After watching her for a few weeks I did indeed reach out first by phone and text, and then eventually in person. Everyone in her store wore masks, was extremely courteous and I felt very safe in her store. I found Ele to be very, kind and most interested in making sure I was happy with my purchase rather than simply maximizing a sale.

On my first visit, when I came down to purchase a few crystals Ele presented me with a "blessing bundle" as a gift. It was a thoughtful gift that spoke to Ele's generosity and warmth of spirit. It had sage, selenite and other wonderful goodies that can be used to clear negative energy and empower intentions. Whether you believe in that or not it certainly made me feel better.

Personally, the crystals I bought have made a big impact in my house. My house is more beautiful and the rooms I have the crystals in are more inviting, relaxing and energizing. I love my crystals and am delighted with both them and the process of finding them with Ele.

Oh, Ele also made a piece of custom jewelry for me! I found a citrine crystal I particularly liked and asked if it could be made into a necklace. Not only did she craft a beautiful necklace for me, but when the chain broke she worked quickly to make it right. Thank you Ele!"

- Valerie P. 10/4/20


"My wife has been bringing home some beautiful crystals from Ele's shop over the past few months. They have really brought some light, creativity and joy to the house. I had some time last weekend and was able to go with her to visit the store in person. Everyone was very kind, wearing masks and I felt safe just browsing and looking at all the gorgeous stones.

Well, without meaning too, I found a beautiful early Christmas present for my wife. A year ago we were lucky enough to visit Australia and we spent some time looking for a special opal (we were told Australia is famous for them) to bring home as a souvenir. We stopped at several gem shops and even visited the opal museum in Sydney. All lovely, and educational, but nothing really stood out to us. Lo and behold, at Ele's there was this wonderfully luminescent opal that has a unique purple coloring to it. My wife tried it on, along with another necklace or two, and it was a clear winner. The stone was literally radiant on her. Turns out the stone is from Australia! I was happy to finally find our souvenir opal and my wife is delighted to wear it!

I highly recommend this store for both crystals and jewelry."

- Scott P. 10/27/20


"My fiancée and I stopped in Ele's shop to get my wedding band. I was discouraged after visiting a few other shops after being presented with few men's band options and told "that's really all there is" and to simple make a selection. I walked into Ele's store and was immediately presented with an organized and clear display showing a variety of men's bands broken down by material, color, width, size, and finish. It was a much-welcome change of pace.

Then, within a few minutes, I got to know her and her very friendly staff. Everyone genuinely seemed curious in our engagement story/wedding plans and were thrilled to help us find the right band.

Ultimately, Ele proved that she was incredibly committed to customer satisfaction and ensuring we had a great experience. She went above and beyond to ensure my fiancée and I were pleased.

Thanks, Ele and team!"

- Cole M. 8/28/19


"I've loved this store for years. She's moved a few times but seems to have found her true home and her stride on Montana Avenue. Every time I walk in I instantly feel good as I come through the door. It's filled with crystals of all different sizes and beautiful, delicate precious jewels presented in lighted cases on the wall. Ele really knows about crystals and has an open and kind way and her prices are reasonable for the market. I can always find a great piece as a gift and it's a great place to shop for something perfect that feels really personal."

- Caitlin K. 4/28/18


"I have been a customer of Ele Keats Jewelry for over 6 years now -- When a very special occasion arises, Mother's 60th, Sister's 40th etc, Ele is my go-to - She made exquisite wedding rings for my husband and I and our bridesmaids and groomsmen received one of kind bracelets made by Ele that they all cherish. Her creativity is endless -- My husband knows exactly where to go to when a birthday, anniversary or Valentines is looming... Ele's classic pieces like her emerald divinity necklace and gold star earrings are my dailies but I have also worked with Ele on repurposing stones from old jewelry that have turned out to be extraordinary... Ele is a gift who can truly arm you with the most extraordinary gifts to treat yourself or loved ones..."

- Charlie A. 8/30/15


"By far the best crystal shop there is. I don’t live in CA but I do get all my crystals here. All of the ladies and Ele are so helpful, caring and patient with helping you shop in person or virtually. They really take their time to help you find pieces that speak to you and work best for what your needs are. The jewelry is stunning and I can’t wait to get more pieces. Thank you all so much!"

- Lillian S. 7/6/20


"Ele has traveled the world connecting people to stones. She has forged meaningful relationships with the miners and sources of her stones which continues to expand. Her store is curated and crafted in a unique and powerful way, like a mineral museum. If you are serious about your stones, work with her bc she treats her customers like family. She loves to teach anyone about the stones, their uses, their energies, etc. Highly recommend anyone a visit here!"

- Jesse S. 12/10/19


"Coming here is a magical experience. Everything in the shop is absolutely gorgeous. It is obvious that Ele puts a lot of care into the creation of her jewelry and selection of crystals in the store. She even carries my favorite vegan chocolates!

Ele is an absolute joy and her passion for stones and jewelry in very evident. She always makes me feel at ease and cared for when I shop. And, I adore her bird Little Blue, who brings additional magic to the store!"

- Whitney L. 7/2/17


"This place is one of the highest vibe crystal specimen and fine jewelry shops in all of Los Angeles.The selection of pieces Ele very elegantly finds and selects to display in her shop directly reflect her personal angelic essence and nature. There's a very special ambiance and frequency here that shines above the rest and you can feel it when you're there. This is definitely one of those secret little spots that I know with out a doubt people feel very fortunate and lucky enough to even know about. Keep shining your light Ele! You are a very special soul and everyone around you feels it. Love you lil' blue!

Love and Blessings"

- Dallas N. 1/11/16