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Partner Program

Harmonizing your home with crystals is a beautiful way to bring balance and inspiration to your environment. Our crystal shepherd, Ele Keats, is honored to collaborate with local designers to create contemporary, soothing spaces.

Who is the partner program for?

Interior Designers

Event Planners

Wedding Planners


Landscape Architects

More Artists & Designers

What Does it Mean to be an Ele Keats Partner?

Ele is passionate about connecting you & your clients to the gems that will invigorate your space. She’s here to find crystals small and large that will turn your home or event into a healing space.

As a fellow artist & designer, Ele wants to understand your vision… and then build on it. Becoming a professional partner of Ele Keats means having the undivided attention of our crystal shepherd. She’ll come to understand the event or home that you’re designing, the mood you’re chasing, and the healing properties your client might be looking for.

Are you looking for a piece that hasn’t been created yet? Ele is ready to connect you with crystal experts from around the globe that will find the gem you need, and craft it into the perfect piece for your space. Allow your client to decompress in a hand-carved rose quartz bathtub, or to feel nourished & protected in a rose quartz garden. The opportunities are limitless.

Custom Large Crystal Pieces

Ele is a treasure hunter of the earth. She follows her inner guidance to connect you with the pieces that meet your aesthetic. Ele works only with ethical stones, and takes every measure to ensure that the process of creating her one-of-a-kind pieces is done with mindfulness and consideration to the earth.

Become a Partner

Whether you’re an interior designer, landscape architect, event planner, or something else, Ele is honored to offer support. Are you ready to start working together? Please fill out the form below. Ele will be in touch with you to schedule a consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate, discuss your upcoming projects, and create something beautiful together.

Become a Partner

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