Gem Guide

Here is our complementary gem guide. We love sharing a little insight into some of the healing and transformative qualities of crystals and gemstones. 



A powerful grounding stone which brings about emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. It has the power to harmonize yin and yang and encourages self-acceptance. Emotionally this crystal helps to heal the heart from past trauma.

Chakra: Throat


Blue Lace Agate

A healing stone, its cooling and calming energy brings peace to the mind. Spiritually, blue lace agate teaches us that our words create our reality and can be a reflection of our highest self. It opens the throat chakra, centers the spirit, and assists with positive verbal expression.

Chakra: Throat

Fire Agate

The ideal stone for grounding, Fire Agate is deeply connected to the earth. This stone enhances curiosity and the desire to explore new realms. Its fiery quality kindles vitality and sexuality. Spiritually, Fire Agate moves our consciousness to the next level, bridging gaps in mind, body and soul.
Chakra: Root

Flowering Agate

A stone of joy and happiness, Flowering Agate helps to activate our zest of life. Like walking through a field of flowers, it allows us to reconnect with bliss and freedom. This crystal also assists with manifestation and abundance through clearing, realigning, and empowering our energy.
Chakra: Root

Hydro Agate

These crystals are ancient connectors to inner wisdom. Water that has been entrapped in crystal for hundreds of thousands of years has wisdom for us, as we are all made of water in human form. These beautiful hydros have intelligence inside of them, really to tap into your divine, deeper self.
Chakra: Throat

Moss Agate

A soul refreshing stabilizer, Moss Agate enables you to embrace new beginnings, and to feel solid during transitions. A perfect stone for bringing new life into the world, it is supportive during the birthing process. It bridges gaps, encouraging intellectuals to tap into their intuition while equally helping empaths to channel their sensitive energy with confidence.

Chakra: Heart

Tree Agate

Also known as Dendritic Agate, Tree Agate is a subtle yet strong healer, encouraging lasting peace and fulfillment. It works at the root of our being, connecting us to universal nourishment. Like a tree, the healthier our roots, the more we are able to receive from our surroundings, and the more abundant our fruit.

Chakra: Root


A stone of loving communication, it's the ideal stone to help you find your voice. It also encourages good luck and fortune, balances the masculine and feminine energies, and helps you see different points of view, Brings you into your truest self. Is also an EMF Protecting stone absorbing electromagnetic frequencies.
Chakras: Heart & Throat.


A powerful healer, manifests desires, heighten intellectual abilities, clarity of thought, and wisdom. The sunny, warm energy soothes and calms. It is a good luck charm for love and marriage.

Chakra: Solar Plexus


Incredibly protective, healing and purifying. Amethyst is an adaptogen, meaning it provides whatever one needs. It's high vibration creates a shield of wellness in any space. It aids us in communicating with our spirit guides. Very calming. It also helps support with sobriety.

Chakras: Third Eye & Crown

Flowering Amethyst

This stone of natural splendor reminds us of the magnificence of our own expansive nature. Amethyst's flowering formation delivers equal adaptogenic power while stimulating creativity and our ability to visualize and manifest our highest calling. It is supportive for a restful night sleep and lucid dreams. 

Chakra: Heart & Third Eye

Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst opens us up to experience gentle and authentic love. Recently discovered, it symbolizes wonderful things to learn and explore. This crystal has the ability to soothe anxieties and grant many peaceful nights.

Chakra: Heart and Crown


Embodying the best of two of the most powerful crystals, citrine and amethyst, ametrine is a divine partnership which brings holistic healing to its wearer. It creates harmony between the masculine and feminine. It also creates a bridge between our divinity and our willpower, encouraging us to speak, move and create from a higher realm without attachment or ego.

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye & Solar Plexus


These are ancient stones whose vibrations are profoundly powerful and beneficial. They carry in their structure the very heart beat of the Earth. They offer psychic protections, grounding, an infusion of life force, and a sense of contentment and well-being.
Chakras: Third Eye

Angel Aura Quartz

Though artificially enhanced by modern techniques, these crystals utilize the ancient powers of alchemy and synergy. They are prized for their ability to expand the consciousness and heal the physical and spiritual body with their extraordinary high vibration. Having a sweet energy, this crystal allows one to receive help from one’s angel guides. It has very high levels of spiritual energies that are beneficial to one’s aura.

Chakra: Crown


Compassion and manifestation power merge in Apatite’s influence, making it the ideal stone for those seeking to serve others as healers or humanitarians. Enhancing intuition, it works to bring clarity for one’s ultimate life purpose. It is a helpful aid for connecting with past lives and developing spiritual attunement. 

Chakra: Third Eye

Blue Apatite

The 'stone of the future' clears mental confusion and awakens the inner self. promotes health, weight loss and proper exercise. It aids in the assumption of calcium, and helps bones and teeth heal. Can calm hyperactive children. And may be used to soothe headaches % help with vertigo.

Chakra: Balances all

Yellow (Golden) Apatite

A great stone of learning. It brings clarity, confidence, and inspired action, aiding in manifestation. Stimulates & purifies the will, aligning you with Divine Will. Releases self- imposed limitations & patterns of self- sabotage. Brings a sunny, hopeful energy, and passion for life. It cleanses toxins, and treats lethargy, depression, and aides digestion.

Chakra: Solar Plexus


This is a stone of truth, bringing recognition of one's own true self allowing that to be shown to the world. Enhances clear sight, and stimulates intuition. Calms and grounds the spirit. Apophyllite also works on the respiratory system.
Chakra: Third Eye, Heart, & Crown

Green Apophyllite

Activates the heart chakra and promotes a forthright heart, especially regarding decisions in matters of the heart. It absorbs and then transmits universal energy. This stone opens the heart chakra and allows absorption of universal energies. It releases hypnotic commands and other control mechanisms for present or past lives

Chakra: Heart

Pink Apophyllite

The rarest form of apophyllite, this sweet light-filled beauty brings playful love energy into our lives. Attuned to our heart center, the brilliance reflected from this stone’s raw clusters illuminates our tendencies towards compassion for ourselves and for others. The world truly becomes your playground when working with pink apophyllite.

Chakras: Heart and Crown

Aqua Aura Quartz

This crystal is both a success and abundance stone. It is said to attract success to those who carry it. It can bring prosperity and wealth. Stimulating the throat chakra, this crystal is great for enhancing communication. It can help one access the truth of emotions, and balance emotional extremes, making sure emotions are clear and aligned. It can help in aligning your etheric body with your emotional body and activate soul energy. Aqua aura is soothing and healing to the aura.

Chakra: Throat


Once considered the treasure of mermaids, Aquamarine continues to serve as an emotional rock on any sea, in chaos or calm. It encourages emotional expression and connects you with Divine Feminine empowerment. It emanates a buoyancy that teaches you to ride each wave as it comes, to navigate the ups and downs with patience and grace.

Chakras: Heart & Throat

Star Aragonite

A robust stone for emotional growth and facilitates self-healing work. Teaches patience and acceptance. Helps one to find balance in one’s life and promotes serenity. It enhances practicality and reliability while renewing one’s strength and confidence.
Chakra: Solar Plexus


A stone of prosperity and good fortune, Aventurine is the perfect crystal to aid in an abundance of positivity. Its name is derived from the Italian word "aventura" which means 'by chance.' This essential crystal harmonizes, protects, and heals the heart, all while attracting luck and love into our lives.
Chakra: Heart


Brings clear understanding, insight, vision, and new perspectives. It releases blocks in communication and stimulates memory and psychic power. Helps one to move into the unknown without fear and be more truthful with oneself and others. It enhances creativity and self-confidence.

Chakra: Third Eye


A highly spiritual stone that brings “Heaven to Earth,” Barite allows one to enhance inner vision, connect to higher worlds, and experience joy even in the midst of difficult times. This loving stone aids in releasing outdated, fear-based attachments while gently guiding us into clear new beginnings.
Chakra: Third Eye & Crown


A stone of fortitude and protection, Bloodstone provides powerful physical healing and is an excellent blood cleanser. This grounding stone offers support and courage during difficult times, and encourages right action, helping one to feel capable and self-sufficient.
Chakra: Root


Great for cleansing negative energy and heightening your own energy. This is a spiritual stone linked to higher consciousness. Stimulates memory, which makes it useful for studying. Strengthens the ability to overcome setbacks, while alleviating emotional stress.
Chakras: All

Blue Calcite

A gentle aid for communication, Blue Calcite is the introvert’s truth stone, encouraging a calm yet confident voice. Like staring into a soft patch of blue sky, this stone brings us to a place of wonder and curiosity, and is a perfect companion for poets and writers. Connected with the lungs, it supports oxygen flow in the body and the cyclical renewal that comes with each breath.

Chakra: Throat

Optical Calcite

A mystical rainbow of clarity, Optical Calcite improves the flow of energy through the body, clearing thoughts. This crystal amplifies the positive energy around you, encouraging optimism. It heightens self- perception and clarity of the world around you.
Chakras: All

Orange Calcite

A bringer of solar energy, orange calcite aligns one’s thoughts with one’s will, assisting one to take action towards his or her goals. A wonderful balancing stone for the shy, it ignites creative, sexual, and playful energies in the body bringing confidence to the wearer.
Chakra: Sacral & Solar Plexus

Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite connects one to divine love and activates the heart. It is a powerful healer for the emotional body and empowers people to leave behind patterns that no longer serve them. It develops one’s overall well-being, health, sense of empathy, and general appreciation for life’s many gifts.
Chakra: Heart


This stone helps you trust yourself and your perceptions. Invigorates the mind and body. Encourages steadfastness, grounding and anchoring in the present reality; the now. Builds confidence, courage, passion, and power within oneself.
Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus


Is the stone one must have when going through major changes. Helps one trust their intuition and find their inner truth. Expands consciousness, allowing one to move forward into the next phase of life. A stone with a profoundly important job, Cavansite facilitates deep emotional healing which helps us when we are experiencing grief from loss of a loved one.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown


Promotes purity of the heart and attracts good fortune, bringing balance and alignment. It attracts angelic energy to bring protective spirits to the wearer. Assists in conflict resolution, sharpens the mind, and promotes mental clarity. It’s calming effect cools fiery emotions. Connects one to his or her inner truth and encourages trust in a divine path.

Chakra: Third Eye & Crown


Chalcedony is the healer of one’s energy field. Soothing and calming, it's great for promoting a sense of peace and joy. It absorbs negative energy and promotes harmonious emotions. It is often used during public speaking because it facilities an exuberant vibe from the speaker to the audience.
Chakra: Throat & Third Eye


Charoite tunes us into the divine while keeping us rooted in the security of Earth’s foundation. It channels the courage to overcome longstanding obstacles, awakening dreams and intuition for a bright future. Charoite connects us while away from loved ones, making a great support to those who travel extensively for work, or who live abroad, far away from friends and family.

Chakra: Crown and Sacral


A stone of harmony, she encourages self-self-awareness and inner balance. Chrysocolla inspires creativity and enhances personal power. A vibrantly joyful and grounding stone deeply connected with Earth energy; she promotes truthful and just communication, and boosts our feminine qualities while enhancing our courage and strength. Supportive for quelling anxiety.

Chakra: Throat, Heart, & Root


The ultimate stone of abundance, prosperity and success, Citrine carries the power of the sun. It never needs cleansing. it absorbs, transmutes, dissipates, and grounds negative energy. This stone awakens the higher mind and promotes an inner calm so the wisdom can emerge.

Chakra: Crown, Solar Plexus

Coco Geode

This stone reminds us of our own spiritual and creative nature and helps us to see this nature in others. Often shaped like a womb, coco geode is supportive during pregnancy, and also to those in the midst of a meaningful creative undertaking. Merging our spiritual and earth elements, Coco Geode allows us to create from an inspired and awakened place.

Chakra: Root and Third-Eye


An excellent healing stone, it strengthens clarity and works on the heart’s energy. A highly spiritual stone, it activates both the intellect and higher consciousness, linking into the angelic realms. It aids in finding inner peace, and calming worries and fears while encouraging an optimistic outlook.
Chakra: Crown

Dendritic Crystals

A master healer it is often called the stone of plentitude. Amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating it. Gives vitality to its owner. Is also good to use when you want to increase motivation. Enhances self confidence and perseverance.

Chakra: All

Desert Rose

Desert Rose, a variety of selenite, is a stone of the mind, as well as an angelic stone. It enhances mental ability and clarity, as well as perception of all kinds. When used in meditation, Desert Rose helps to still the mind and bring focus to the wearer. Empowers one to find his or her inner strength and build positive affirmations.

Chakra: Third Eye & Crown


The hardest of all stones, diamonds are believed to open access to the divine realms. Diamonds have a powerful vibrational energy which enhances inner vision and stimulates the imagination. They promote truth and bring pure light into our consciousness allowing us to bravely express our most sacred self.
Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, & Crown

Black Diamond

Is a stone of inner strength, truth, and purity. It enhances love in relationships and brings balance to the wearer. It also brings abundance and clarity and amplifies your own energy. It can benefit the brain, clears sight, and brings radiant light.
Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, & Crown

Green Diopside

A stone of balance & healing, it opens one to giving & receiving love. It brings all chakras into alignment, and opens the mind so it can more easily learn new information. It’s use of the Green Ray of healing aides the female reproductive organs, and assists during menopausal years.
Chakra: Heart & Third Eye


This gentle stone encourages charitable actions, generosity, and giving off all kinds. It opens the heart and the mind to be in a place of receiving love, compassion, and appreciation. A wonderful bringer of calm and serenity to the physical self. It helps to reduce toxins in the body and soothes the nervous system.
Chakra: All


Tibetan name Dorje, meaning both thunderbolt and diamond is held in the right hand. Like a diamond, it can destroy, but can not be destroyed. The two spheres represent the two sides of the body and mind, masculine and feminine, similar duality in yin and yang.

Chakra: All


The stone of inner guidance and divine inspiration, it helps one conquer the impossible. It is the great "overcomer" of all. It awakens latent psychic ability. It can instill the gift of prophetic vision. Dumortierite in jewelry speeds up the process of vibrational assimilation. It is excellent for students as it helps cut through barriers, and supports memory and helps on focus.

Chakra: Third Eye


The stone of successful love, emerald is a powerful water element stone which opens the heart and brings a pure, nourishing Green Ray of light to the aura. It is a classic stone of love and romance, and is reputed to bring both passion and domestic bliss with unconditional love. Also an emotional healing stone, emerald brings balance within all relationships.

Chakra: Heart


This powerful stone tends to bring more of what one already has. It increases everything it touches whether it is energy or material objects. A stone that enhances emotional and spiritual growth. It promotes patience and brings hope to the owner. Helpful in stimulating the immune system.

Chakra: Heart


A highly protective stone, fluorite is a powerful healer. It gives the body strength to fight infections and disorders. Known as the genius stone, it increases the ability to concentrate, clears mental fog, and improves one's ability to focus and make decisions. Fluorite reveals to one their soul purpose and sacred path. 

Chakra: Heart


Imagine placing a vibrantly loving shield of protection and spiritual guidance around your aura... that is the power of Frankincense. A naturally occurring resin, Frankincense beads emit nourishing aromatherapeutic properties that help strengthen the immune system, calm nerves, and uplift one’s spirit.

Chakra: Crown


Gabbro is your crystal confidant who understands all sides of you, both dark and light. This stone encourages us to be real and embrace our truest self while lovingly reminding us that often, in our shadows, lie our deepest gifts. A brilliant stone of integration, Gabbro helps us balance past and present, light and dark, and grow into who we are meant to be.

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye


Galena is a powerful stone for initiating the process of awakening and self-transformation. It shares many properties with lead and turns a beginner into a master much like lead turns into gold. A very grounding stone, it also aids the body in healing inflammation.

Chakra: Root


Ganesha is a Hindu God- the son of Shiva and Paravati. He is the Lord of Good Fortune who provides prosperity, fortune and success. He is also the remover of Obstacles of both material and spiritual kinds as well as the Lord of Beginnings. He has the head of an Elephant and this symbolizes benevolence, intelligence and strength.

Chakra: Root


Works on the relationship between the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, helping us to find the courage to pursue our hearts true desires. It is grounding and sparks creativity and ingenuity. Garnierite is also considered a stone of serendipity or luck, brining positive change and growth.
Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus

Green Garnet

This gem is a fierce purifier. A stone of confidence and stability
in challenges, green garnet helps one to manifest abundance out of darkness. It is also a stone of service and aids groups to work collaboratively. Physically it is a powerful fertility stone and its power is amplified through meditation.
Chakra: Heart & Solar Plexus

Red Garnet

This gem is a fierce purifier. It energetically burns away whatever is blocking you. Full of love and creation energy it forges new life from the flames of chaos. Once used to adorn the breast plates of kings it helps one get in touch with their warrior spirit.
Chakra: Root

Golden Healer

Experience the blessings of being one with the divine as you open to receive with Golden Healer’s gentle support. This stone encourages spiritual connectivity by tuning our vibration to that of the sacred, so that we may heal and help others to do the same. It increases our joy and sense of trust in the flow of life: that all things are unfolding for the greatest good.

Chakras: Solar Plexus & Crown


Made entirely of salt, this stone is a strong purifier cleansing the heart of emotional wounds. Blending the third and fourth chakras, it empowers our ability to love and strengthens the will. Thus it promotes not only love of others, but love and care for the self.

Chakras: Heart & Solar Plexus


A crystal of golden light, Heliodor radiates the warmth of sunshine, illuminating the higher mind and stimulating creativity. The stone raises our potential for greatness, shining a light on our inner strength and power.
Chakra: Solar Plexus


Derived from the Greek word for blood, Hematite is the most effective of all stones for grounding oneself in the body and the physical world. A powerful balancer of one’s auric field, it aligns the chakras and aids the wearer in manifesting his or her dreams out of the fantasy realm and into reality.

Chakra: Root

Rutilated Hematite

This combination of stones is a powerful Transformation tool, aiding you in attaining well- being and happiness, and in experiencing greater satisfaction in your emotional and spiritual life. Assists in clearing negativity and building self confidence. Heals circulation, cleansing & detoxifying the blood. Brings balance, grounding, & protection, and supports meditation & intuition.

Chakra: Third Eye & Root


This beautiful stone is a powerful grounding crystal, allowing the release of energies through the root chakra. It contains both the amplification properties of quartz with the balance and stability of hematite. Helps with stress, anxiety, focus, and restores memory.

Chakra: Root

Herkimer Diamond

The clarifying light within a herkimer is a full chakra cleanser. Acting as a purifier for our spiritual channels, it promotes creativity, stimulates spiritual vision and allows us to connect with past lives to clear karmic patterns. When two lovers each have a herkimer, their souls will always be able to communicate, even when they are oceans apart.

Chakras: Third Eye & Crown


Hiddenite is simply lovely. It creates sweet vibrancy around those who wear it, tapping into the gratitude and love that is the nature of heart chakra energy. Hiddenite allows us to perceive the miracle of everyday life, and the simple splendor of what it means to be alive. It exposes the “hidden” beauty that is always around us, and the beautiful attributes of the people nearest us.

Chakra: Heart


A wonderful stone for calming upset states of mind and emotions. It quiets the critical voice and helps one to embrace who they truly are. A soother of the mind, it is also a powerful healing stone for those with insomnia. And through embracing the self, it heightens one’s creativity and ability to express one’s self.
Chakra: Crown


Clearing thought forms, and activating & clearing the third eye, this stone assists in journeying deep within the self. It dissolves fear of the unknown, while stimulating creative expression connected to a higher dimension. Can calm an active mind, reduce fatty deposits in the body, heal the eyes, and assist with sleep imbalances.

Chakra: Third Eye


A symbol of purity and serenity. Much prized in the East, it signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility. It is a powerful healing stone which stabilizes the mind and integrates the mind with the body. When placed on the forehead will help bring insightful dreams.

Chakra: Heart


A stabilizer, this stone connects one to the earth. It balances one’s energy leading to good health, even emotions, and truthful expression. It can help to activate creative and or sexual energy, eliminating thoughts and inhibitions that hold you back.
Chakra: Root 

Bumblebee Jasper

Achieve the impossible dream. Infused with the cheerful light of the sun, Bumblebee Jasper raises your frequency and invigorates your energetic systems. Overcoming hesitation and the fear of failure, it excites a sense of purpose for creating a life beyond measure.

Chakra: Sacral and Solar Plexus

Fancy Jasper

As many different colors come together in a single piece of Fancy Jasper, so to do our versatile attributes merge harmoniously in presence of its uniting energy. This is a stone of unexpected collaboration, creating harmony in areas of our lives we never thought possible, establishing tranquility and wholeness.

Chakra: Root

Ocean Jasper

A stone of joy and high spirits, Ocean Jasper is all about people living, working, and being together in beautiful harmony. For this reason, it is the perfect stone for homes and offices alike. It allows us to appreciate the many blessings in our lives and encourages us to feel, speak, and act in a positive and balanced way, honoring our truest nature.
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart, & Throat

Mookaite Jasper

This stone promotes vitality and strength. Opens the mind to all possibilities and helps us make the best decisions. Expands our perception of beauty, allowing us to be fully present and appreciative of each moment. Mookaite jasper gently ushers us into new phases of life, opening our hearts to change.

Chakras: All


The stone of universal love. It opens the heart to the energies of love- love for oneself, others, and the world around us. Prepares our heart to receive divine love and helps us to listen to our inner voice and follow our intuition. It teaches one the value of joy and celebration, and eases stress.
Chakra: Heart


A high vibrational stone, it rapidly transfers energy and awakens psychic channels. It holds no negativity and never requires cleansing. It slices through confusion, anger, frustration, and stress, by strengthening one’s connection to their truth. A powerful enhancer of communication.
Chakra: Third Eye and Heart

Golden Black Kyanite

Your golden knight in shining armor, Black Kyanite is one of the most incredible protective crystals that is also clearing and cleansing. If you are looking for golden protection, this crystal is your perfect ally.
Chakras: All


A highly mystical and protective stone, a bringer of light. It banishes fears and insecurities and the psychic debris from previous disappointments. It strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe aiding one through transitions. It helps to treat colds, gout, rheumatism, and disorders of the eyes, and brain. Relieves stress and regulates the metabolism.

Chakra: Heart


Used by the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt on their tombs, Lapis is a stone of royalty. A powerful activator of the psychic centers of the third eye it enhances intuition and access to spiritual guidance. It also magnifies intellectual ability making one a better learner and teacher. May also serve in helping one to connect to their past lives.

Chakra: Third Eye


Larimar is a stone of balance. It supports a state of confident well being, and connects one to one’s innate power. This Goddess stone, sometimes called the Dolphin stone, is a powerful emotional cleanser. It enhances communication and opens us to our intuitive and receptive natures.
Chakra: Throat


Like the heavens above, Lazurite sparkles with the light of the stars. It is a gorgeous reminder of the cosmic magic that exists within us all. It aids in promoting intuitive abilities and deep reflection. This awe- inspiring crystal helps us remember that we are a small yet vastly important part of this incredible milky way. We are star dust, and we are infinite.

Chakra: Throat


Named for a fabled ancient city believed to have sunk in the Pacific Ocean, the Lemurian people were deeply connected to their spirit and emotions. It infuses one with deep emotional, intuitive, and spiritual awareness allowing your true self to emerge. It promotes love and balance.
Chakra: Crown

Brazilian Lemurian

Lemurian Quartz is one of the most magnificent crystal gifts of our planet. These extraordinary healing crystals have secret information embedded in their structures. Run your fingers along the lines to connect to ancient sacred wisdom. These exquisite light bringers are here to help you deepen your intuition and transform your light. Light, truth, and heart expansion, these brilliant crystals are here to support your transformation.
Chakra: Crown

Colombian Lemurian

One of the highest frequencies on our planet. The clearest quartz in the world is found in Colombia. These meditation allies are treasures of transformation. They contain ancient information that provide breakthrough opening and transform our entire system, bringing us to a higher realm mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Chakra: Third Eye & Crown

Pink Lemurian

If your current path is to ascend to the pinnacle of the Divine Feminine, connecting with the love and wisdom within the cosmic realm, Pink Lemurian is the perfect guide. Though it embodies the Goddess, it bridges the dualistic nature of the human mind, Yin and Yang, for greater integration, self acceptance and universal compassion.

Chakra: Crown


A stone that is high in lithium, it is a powerful balancer of the emotional body and helps calm the mind. A deep stress-reliever, it clears the aura and allows one to be in the present moment and enjoy life. A useful aid for insomnia or people going through great life transitions.

Chakra: Heart & Third Eye


A powerful aid for mental stability. It protects one from negative thoughts and promotes clear intuition. Said to reverse the aging process, it allows one to connect to his or her inner child. A wonderful stone for young people to help them trust their inner voice.

Chakra: Root


Protective, transformative, auspicious and illuminating, Malachite is a bringer of great fortune for those seeking new adventures. Aligned with heart chakra vibration, she heightens passion energy and optimism to move forward valiantly, pursuing our highest calling with courage. Malachite holds ancient significance for manifesting abundance, both material and spiritual, and protects us on our soulful journey.
Chakras: Solar Plexus & Heart


Enhances clear sight, and stimulates intuition. Can help with healing degenerative diseases and detoxifying the body. Encourages joy in the wonder of physical life, finding hope, and sweetness, and connecting with the natural world. A psychic opener.
Chakra: Third Eye, Heart, & Crown


A commanding stone of reflection. It is thought that through seeing the flaws in this sturdy stone we are then able to more clearly see and remedy the flaws in ourselves. It clarifies the vision and aids in dissolving boundaries. While removing blockages it aligns the chakras and allows one to embrace the positive.
Chakra: Third Eye


Heaven and earth collide, forming this striking natural glass created as a meteorite struck Earth’s surface 14 billion years ago. Moldavite connects us to our innate sense of wonder, encouraging us to ask big and meaningful questions with a curious yet calm heart. It can uncover our purpose here on Earth, creating perspective around why we are here, especially for sensitive and intuitive souls.

Chakra: Heart


The gem of the High Priestess, moonstone is strongly connected to water and the cycles of the moon. It creates a sea of calm, soothing emotional waves. A wonderful stone for feminine energy it guides the way for abundance, inspiration, and love. Very useful for soothing symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. Chakra: Third Eye & Crown

Black Moonstone

Carries the mysterious and powerful energies of the new moon. Is a magnifier of intention. Encourages inner-journeying and self study. Helps one connect with their feelings and emotion on a more profound level. Opens blockages and allows for guided healing from past emotional traumas. Enhances clairvoyance and clairaudience. 

Chakra: Root, Third Eye

Peach Moonstone

Carries a gentle, loving energy that supports the heart and stimulates the mind. Helps soothe worry or anxiety. Allows one to see the positive in all situations. Encourages gratitude and contentment. Can help one have sweet dreams. 

Chakra: sacral, solar plexus


Love incarnate, this precious stone reflects the tender sweetness, vibrance and light reflected while in divine union with another, and/or in deep connection with our own gorgeous soul. An important companion for empaths and healers, she allows us to attune to others without giving away too much of ourselves. Healing love energy which is perfect to wear, always encouraging profound self nurturing so we can move into the world whole and with compassion.

Chakras: Heart


A true Shamanistic stone, Obsidian helps us clear away negativity and release thoughts, behaviors, and emotional patterns that are no longer serving our highest good. Like and extremely honest friend that does not mince words, Obsidian strongly and powerfully clears away negative energy and provides support during seasons of change and deep inner growth.
Chakra: Root

Golden Obsidian

Wonderful for clearing negative energy, golden obsidian connects one with the great central sun. A stone of wisdom, it aligns one with the divine and deeply enhances the ability to manifest good for yourself and for those around you. Also aids one in discovering his or her own hidden talents.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Rainbow Obsidian

Wonderful for clearing negative energy, rainbow obsidian guides one through his or her journey out of darkness and into the light. A powerful grounding stone, it removes blockages and aligns the chakras helping one to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Chakra: Root


The stone of inner strength, it has been used as a magical amulet for thousands of years. Onyx invigorates the spirit igniting endurance and building perseverance to face even the most challenging of tasks with efficiency. It brings strength to the body, focus to the mind, and direction to the will while it grounds the soul.
Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus, & Third Eye


Known as the “Eye Stone”, opal enables us to reach the depths of our imagination and creation. It offers clarity, ignites the spirit of leadership, cleanses the emotions, and reminds us that we are bold, despite our fragility. It cleanses the spirit and opens us up to discover love, hope, and happiness.
Chakra: All

Purple Opal

Raise your vibration to its highest potential with Purple Opal. This stone is for those deep on their spiritual path, looking to open further to intuition and connect wholly to the sacred. Transcendental in nature, Purple Opal allows us to rise beyond current limitations and to observe circumstances as our highest selves.

Chakra: Third-Eye and Crown

Palo Santo

Palo Santo literally translates to “Holy Wood.” As a powerful cleanser, its smoke grounds and clears energy, aligning the chakras and balancing the vibration of your surroundings. Shamans used it to heal the body and spirit during ceremony, and to attune to the divine.
Chakras: All


A bearer of soft, feminine energy, this stone invokes balance, love, and truth in the wearer. It brings clarity to the will and purity to the voice. Pearls call to the Divine Feminine, strengthening self worth, balancing erratic emotions, and invoking equity in all types of partnerships, but especially in love relationships.
Chakras: All

Black Pearl

According to legend, Oro, the God of peace and fertility, visited the earth on a rainbow and bestowed a black pearl on the Princess Bora Bora as a symbol of his love. Like white pearls, black pearls invoke balance, love, and truth in the wearer. They bring clarity to the will and purity to the voice, and are especially thought to attract wealth and prosperity.
Chakras: All


Peridot is a stone of abundance, warmth, and well-being. It removes blockages and enables the owner to be open to receiving love and prosperity in every area of one’s life. It strengthens our connection to the earth and aids in communication from animals and one’s environment.
Chakra: Solar Plexus & Heart

Phallus Crystal

The phallus is a symbol of strength and fertility in many cultures. A counterpoint to the Yoni, it can be used to promote sexual healing and shift stagnant sexual energy caused by trauma or shame. It highlights positive masculine energy, and when understood spiritually, a phallus is understood as a pillar of light that allows his consciousness and his godliness.

Chakra: Root, Sacral


Phenacite has one of the highest vibrations and is one of the rarest crystals. It purifies the body and clears energy pathways. It teaches that “like attracts like,” urging us to raise our vibrations, purify our thoughts, and put out only positive energy.
Chakra: Crown


Prehnite facilitates a heart-centered connection to all of creation. It joins the heart and the will and aids one in following the yearnings of their heart. A gentle and nurturing stone, it brings inner peace to the wearer and a deep sense of calm. Connected to the earth and to water, it is a grounding stone which can help to cleanse the body of toxins.

Chakra: Solar Plexus & Heart


A robust grounding stone of intellect. It enhances mental stability, logic, creativity, and memory. A bearer of strong, masculine energy, pyrite is a powerful protection stone. Additionally, it is a stone that brings energies of good luck and good fortune. A wonderful career stone, it encourages one to overcome fears and take action.
Chakra: Solar Plexus

Pyrite with Quartz

Pyrite and quartz is a magical combination. This powerful manifester and abundance crystal is also extremely protective. Quartz amplifies all of the qualities and sends them out like tiny messengers in cluster. Placed in a room, it amplifies the space with protection and abundance, bringing a grounding empowering energy to all that enter the space.

Chakra: Solar Plexus


This stone powerfully heals the heart, encouraging self-love. It is a stone of Joy & playfulness, connecting one to the Grace & happiness of a child. Giving the mind a boost, it encourages a positive attitude & brings a lightness to life. It assists in meditation. It soothes emotional stress and clears the solar plexus & base chakras. Aides circulation, improves the skin, & relieves migraines.

Chakra: Heart & Solar Plexus


A powerful stone for self worth, rhodonite helps one to discover one’s purpose as revealed by ones gifts and abilities. It enables one to develop a stronger sense of self and a clearer calling towards one’s spiritual path. A deep detoxifier, it purifies the body and cleanses one of that which no longer serves you.

Chakra: Heart & Root


The stone of passion and abundance, allowing people to open their heart up to love it. It promotes sociability and extroversion. Physically it stimulates the reproductive system.
Chakra: Heart


Ruby is the fieriest of them all. Valued above diamonds at one time, the stunning fire element power-hitter has been recognized since ancient times as the King of Precious Stones. The ultimate multi-tasker, ruby attracts love ignites passion, encourages strength, incites and adventurous spirit, heals the heart and grounds the soul.

Chakra: Root

Rudraksha Beads

The divinely auspicious energy of the Rudraksha Bead has been harnessed for centuries. They are mentioned several times in the Vedas as being the highest adornment one can wear. Created from the seed of the Rudraksha tree, they work on multiple levels aligning the chakras to bring balance to life and empower the wearer. The healing properties are vast, enough to write a book!

Chakra: All

Blue Sapphire

The stone of insight, the Greeks used to bring it to the Oracle at Delphi for knowledge of things unseen. Blue sapphire ignites psychic activation, enhances insight, and boosts extrasensory perception and mental agility. It promotes a deeper understanding of the self and empowers one to stand their ground. It inspires the spirit and connects one with the voice of wisdom.
Chakra: Third Eye & Throat

Green Sapphire

This stone brings the wisdom of fidelity and integrity into one’s life, honing loyalty and trust. Stirring the Heart Chakra, this stone also inspires compassion and helps one to understand the unique frailties of others. It helps one learn respect for others and different beliefs.
Chakra: Heart

Pink Sapphire

The stone of insight, the Greeks used to bring it to the Oracle at Delphi for knowledge of things unseen. Pink sapphire enables one to embrace the power of vulnerability and the joy of interacting with others in a loving manner. It allows the wearer to let down their emotional walls and bestow forgiveness on others. Chakra: Heart

White Sapphire

The stone of insight, the Greeks used to bring it to the Oracle at Delphi for knowledge of things unseen. White sapphires bring spiritual clarity and aid in connecting to the higher self level of consciousness. A teacher of spiritual courage, it can also be beneficial for connecting with past lives. Chakra: Third Eye & Crown


A very protective stone, Sardonyx is a source of strength and security. It is associated with courage, happiness, and clear communication, a lucky talisman in legal matters and for obtaining justice. This stone is grounding and assists in translating energies into tangible results.
Chakras: Root


A stone of spiritual activation, selenite cleanses the auric field and is a powerful purification stone. It clears the mind and brings forth truth and honesty. It promotes flexibility in the mind and aids in one in strong decision making. It brings deep peace and calming energy to the wearer.
Chakra: Crown & Third Eye


A wonderful stone for improving communication, shattuckite helps one to bring his or her life into alignment with one’s truth. It aids in bringing one’s actions, words, and thoughts out of discord and into harmony. It enables the wearer to channel higher powers and opens up the mind to other realms.
Chakra: Heart, Throat & Third Eye


The Supreme Being in Hinduism, Shiva is the “Destroyer and Transformer” within the Trimurti, or Hindu Trinity which includes Brahma and Vishnu. He is the god who creates, protects, and transforms the universe. At the highest level, Shiva is regarded as formless, limitless, transcendent, and the absolute soul of the universe.

Shiva Lingam

This auspicious stone symbolizes the cosmic egg out of which all creation was born. Its unique shape channels both male and female energies to increase chakra vitality and nurture sexuality. It is a perfect stone for those needing fertility support.
Chakras: Sacral and Crown


A very powerful crystal of healing and protection, shungite is known as the “miracle” stone. A robust transformer which cures, purifies, balances, heals, grounds, restores, and even stimulates growth. It devours the harmful and restores the good. It provides protection from electro-magnetic frequencies and may even be placed in drinking water for deeper purification.

Chakras: All


The skull has huge meaning in eastern philosophy and religion symbolizing the progression of all life moving naturally in circular fashion. Life and death are one and part of the cosmic cycle; the skull aids in embracing this reality. In both Hinduism and Buddhism skulls are work by deities. In Buddhism, skulls also represent the tenant of emptiness. Once life is accepted as such and transience is accepted, the spiritual life transcends.

Chakra: Crown


Sodalite teaches the nature of oneself in relationship to the universe. Called the stone of Logic, it elicits deep thought, gives logic and rational conclusions. It enhances analytical power, intuition, observation, self discipline, efficiency and organization. This stone is great for meditation and deep journeying. It brings insights into self and honest evaluation of one’s motivations, strengths, weaknesses. Eliminates guilt.

Chakra: Third Eye


The stone of revitalization, it stimulates all of the chakras and renews energy on all levels. It enables one to leave the past behind and empowers the wearer to speak one’s visions, dreams, knowledge, and guidance. It assists in activating sexual desire and igniting one’s zest for life.
Chakra: All


A deeply calming crystal, stillbite emanates a quiet and unceasing joy. A helper in organizing the mind, it encourages one to take charge, make decisions, and commit to a direction in his or her life. It promotes mental balance, a blissful auric field, and inner peace.
Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, & Crown


One of the most powerful stones of protection & purification, creating a ‘shield of light’ around the wearer. It clears negativity, & opens the crown to allow one to ground in spiritual light. Great for meditation & dreamwork, and reminds us of our soul’s dreams for this life, offering optimism & resilience in achieving those dreams. Calms the nerves & helps with sleep imbalances.

Chakra: Third Eye & Crown


A stone of abundance, it emanates the Solar Ray, attuning one to Light and the energy of the great central sun. Sunstone teaches one to utilize one’s skills and abilities in service to others. A powerful manifestor, it helps one to bring his or her desires into physicality and claim one’s true place of leadership. It opens the heart to giving and receiving abundant blessings.

Chakra: Sacral & Solar Plexus

Super Seven

There is no more powerful way to align the chakras than with Super Seven. Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Clear Quartz, Geothite, Rutile, Smokey Quartz, and Lepidocrocite combine in this mixture of divine elements which ground, cleanse and revitalize, rapidly balancing our energies throughout the body for wholeness and profound spiritual attunement.
Chakras: All


Tanzanite aligns the heart and the mind allowing for a more balanced and centered experience of spirituality. A wonderful stone for developing compassion and empathy it gives the wearer insight into those around them and enables self awakening. A robust opener of communication between souls as well as into other realms.

Chakra: Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown

Tiger Eye

A solar stone of vitality, practicality, and physical action. A strong protective stone, tiger eye balances between mental, emotional, and physical extremes. It also promotes harmony in relationships and can help people with differing views find a common ground. It instills confidence, clarity, and strength in the wearer.

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral

Imperial Topaz

A stone of faith and optimism, it assists in creating abundance in alignment with Divine Will. It brings confidence and helps to establish boundaries, and aides one in recognizing his/her own abilities. This stone of intention helps one to clarify one’s wishes, and manifest them into creation.
Chakra: Solar Plexus

London Blue Topaz

The stone of love and good fortune. It brings the body, mind, and spirit into union. It helps in clearly verbalizing one’s desires, and promotes truth and forgiveness. Its vibrant energy brings joy, abundance, and good health.
Chakra: Throat & Third Eye

White Topaz

Our intentions become manifestations, and White Topaz shines in speeding up this divine process. Once we plant our ideas in seeds, White Topaz accelerates bringing our dreams to life more quickly. It helps one become a conscious co-creator by offering clarity and deepening one’s faith. An excellent stone for creative souls.
Chakra: Crown & Etheric

Black Tourmaline

Ideal for psychic protection, black tourmaline is a robust clearer of one’s auric field. An intensely grounding stone, black tourmaline cleanses the physical body of toxins and the emotional body of negative attachments. A maker of room, to welcome abundance.

Chakra: Root

Black Tourmaline with Mica

This stone prepares us to take ownership of all that we are while encouraging those around us to do the same. A powerful protector, Black Tourmaline with Mica transforms all energy into the positive, reflecting it back to its source to minimize false projections. It is a vital support for empaths who tend to absorb others’ energy.

Chakra: Root

Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline opens one up to the highest spiritual states; helping once connect to their deepest psychic gifts. It expands psychic channels and allows one to press clairvoyance through verbal communication. Evoking the energy of a peaceful mind, it facilitates a state of high awareness, opening one up to deep meditation. It enhances the ability to connect with spirit guides and aligns the mind with divine energy.

Chakra: Throat

Green Tourmaline

A vigorous stone for self healing, it channels the healing power of nature. A carrier of invigorating energy, green tourmaline is all about expansion of the emotional body. It can help one to become less inhibited, more expressive, and able to embrace change. A fierce healer of the physical heart.
Chakra: Heart

Paraiba Tourmaline

Happiness. Clarity. Joy. The rare and radiant Paraiba inspires confidence and raises our vibrations to sweet, joyous levels. This compassionate stone wishes to assist us with all aspects of life, particularly emotional entanglements, so that we may gently release any negativity and boldly step into happiness.

Chakra: Throat

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is an infusion of love. It invites the light of Source into your heart to heal all and impart compassion. Its watery spirit floods the emotional body, breaking down barriers for deep human connection. By facilitating spiritual and emotional alignment, this crystal puts you on the fast- track to discovering your higher self.

Chakra: Heart

Watermelon Tourmaline

A stone of unbound happiness, calm and joy. It activates, clears, and soothes the heart and helps to relieve excessive stress. It assists those with heart conditions, and promotes patience and inner security. This stone teaches the meaning of joy as a natural state of being. It promotes confidence and assists one in manifesting one’s desires.

Chakra: Heart


Trolleite connects with us on a deeply cellular level, allowing ancient and ancestral wisdom to channel through. Its beautiful blue hue ascends us to new levels of wisdom and truth and is the perfect companion stone for healers, energy workers, and deep intuitive souls. Packed with power, trolleite teaches love and compassion and guides us lovingly towards our highest good.

Chakra: Throat


Turquoise is a stone for self-forgiveness, self- acceptance, and letting go of that which no longer serves you. It represents the wisdom that comes from all of life’s experiences. It is an ancient Grandfather ally counseling one that all of life’s experiences are full of lessons that we are meant to learn. It encourages one to honor oneself as a creation from the Divine.

Chakra: Throat

Clear Quartz

The ultimate clarity stone, it brings a wonderful sense of calm. It clears the mind of judgements and makes room in the head and the heart for abundance and love. Enhances one’s flow of positive thoughts and feelings toward the light, love, and harmony of the planet teaching one to live, laugh, and love.
Chakras: All

Crystallized Rose Quartz

Rose quartz clusters are more powerful for their sized than any other variety. Amplifying compassion and harmony, this love-filled stone is a perfect crystal to open you to the flowering love of the world, and to the beauty of the unfolding of your own heart. This is the most rare form of rose quartz, and one of the most exquisite crystals on our planet.
Chakra: Heart

Fairy Quartz

This robust stone brings bright energy and facilitates a care-free feeling. It has a soothing energy which is beneficial for one suffering from emotional pain or illness. Helps one to be more open and overcome social challenges. A powerful stone in aiding the body with fertility.

Chakra: All

Green Scarlet Quartz

Unify the head and the heart for a powerfully healing alchemical resource found uniquely in this type of quartz. When how we think, what we want and how we feel are in harmony, we are free to experience the world with pure joy and grace. Green Scarlet Quartz obtains its color from mica and fuchsite, encouraging our reflective nature, so we can see our own divine beauty within.

Chakra: Heart

Hematoid Quartz

This beautiful stone is a powerful grounding crystal, allowing the release of energies through the root chakra. It contains both the amplification properties of quartz with the balance and stability of hematite. Helps with stress, anxiety, focus, and restores memory.

Chakra: Root

Lithium Quartz

Spend an evening with Lithium Quartz tucked under your pillow and sleep like a baby. Keep it in your pocket during stressful encounters and find yourself calm and level- headed. Lithium has a powerful soothing effect , and when utilized in crystal healing, creates an aura of tranquility around those working with it. It is a fantastic support when seeking stability amidst turbulent transitions or restless phases.

Chakra: Heart

Rose Quartz

One of the most powerful spiritual allies, rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and peace. It purifies and opens the heart and brings deep inner healing and self-love. It bathes the body, mind, and spirit in a healing, high frequency bright light. Rose quartz also encourages self forgiveness and acceptance and invokes self trust and self worth.
Chakra: Heart

Rutilated Quartz

Infusing one’s energy field with light, this stone is excellent for receiving spiritual inspiration for creative endeavors and enhancing psychic abilities. It carries a joyful vibration and can lighten one’s emotional or mental burdens. A strong grounding stone, it can help one to manifest their desires and expand their awareness.

Chakra: All

Scarlet Quartz

Amplify beautiful intentions of love, gratitude and generosity with this radiantly healing stone. Gain clarity around unexpressed aspects of your persona that may even be hidden to you. Find inspiration from a passionate core, and share your gifts with heartfelt joy and enthusiasm.
Chakra: Heart

Smoky Quartz

A powerful spiritual grounding stone it purifies and protects the wearer. It absorbs negative energy from one’s environment and transmutes it by grounding it to the earth. It also aids in drawing the ethereal into manifestation and helps one to feel more engaged in the world and capable of creating or changing one’s reality.

Chakra: Root

Tangerine Quartz

A powerful aid in overcoming fear, tangerine quartz helps one to assess their own strengths. It stimulates the joyful energy of the inner child. A stone of creativity, it encourages playfulness, curiosity, and the pursuit of new knowledge. It ignites sexual passion and a sense of adventure.

Chakra: Sacral

Terminated Quartz

As a strong amplifier, Terminated Quartz aids in the movement and direction of energy. When used with the terminated end facing the body or chakra, it can amplify the vibration of other crystals or set intentions to that space. When the terminated end is facing away from the body, energy can be released or directed to others. Double termination can send and receive energy at the same time.

Chakra: All

Twin Flame Quartz

The ultimate in like attracting like. Just as these two stones mingled in nature, it helps facilitate souls finding their mates in the world. It promotes close and unbreakable bonds and teaches us to be unique and separate, while still united in an equal partnership.
Chakra: All

Yoni Crystal

The yoni crystal reminds us to honor the sacred temple that is the woman’s womb and feminine source - a great gift that births life, abundance, creativity, joy and pleasure into this world. The Yoni is a crystal formed into the shape of an egg - symbol of new life and rebirth. We place the egg inside our yoni to maintain health, increase fertility and sensuality and nurture greater female pleasure.

Chakra: Root


A powerful healing stone, zeolites are often used in Reiki to remove toxins from the body. They cleanse the aura of negative energy to make room for joy, lightening the soul and the heart.
Chakra: Crown


A teacher of growth, healing and enjoyment of the moment. It helps one to see the gift that is every breathe we take. A powerful healer of the emotional body, it alleviates the pressure from negative thoughts and feelings bringing the mind, heart, body, soul and spirit into perfect harmony. Brings freedom for the wearer so one’s true self can come through.

Chakra: Third Eye, Heart, & Root