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Mother's Day Event with Ele Keats

This workshop will focus on deepening our intuition, our connection with the Divine feminine.

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Mother's Day Event with Ele Keats - Ele Keats Jewelry

Tapping into the Divine Feminine and Nurturing your Grace: A crystal workshop led by Ele Keats

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I am very excited to be hosting a workshop on May 2nd in person in Santa Monica at the shop. I would love for you to join me on this very special pre-Mother’s Day event.

“Tapping into the Divine Feminine and Nurturing your Grace” a workshop on channeling our divine feminine in everyday life.

This workshop will focus on deepening our intuition, our connection with the Divine feminine. We will explore how to truly and gently care for ourselves on the deepest level possible and how crystals and loving rituals can support our greatest well-being. It’s my great joy to support you and having the most optimum, joyful, and loving life. How can we embody our gentle yin energy? How can we love ourselves in the deepest way possible? This workshop will be a beautiful, guided journey into enriching your life with a cornucopia of feminine love.

If your heart is calling out for more tenderness, more self-care, and connection back to self, this workshop is for you. I am delighted to offer a space where you can meet and share your experiences with a like minded group and foster new friendships. I am so looking forward to sharing and connecting with you on May 2 spaces limited, so please sign up early to ensure your spot.

This workshop will focus on deepening our intuition, our connection with the Divine feminine.

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Born of a spiritual assignment and the mother of invention. Guided by a dear mentor and friend to wear an emerald close to her heart every day, Ele set out on the treasure hunt of a lifetime.

When she couldn't find exactly what resonated with her, she designed it herself. It became her signature "Divinity". Ele Keats Jewelry has grown into a global brand known for shepherding the finest gemstones and crystals from all over the world.


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