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There comes a time in all of our lives when we must unapologetically trust our intuition. There is an inner compass that has always been guiding us. When we trust and deeply tap into the relationship we have with our own spirit, we access true freedom.  

In my younger years, I would seek answers outside of myself. For example, I would ask friends, healers, and so forth for their opinions on situations and frankly, I was giving my power away to them, believing that perhaps their reads were clearer or even better than my own. 

One of the greatest gifts of being in my wisdom years now, is that there is a deep sense of trust in myself, my own listening, and guidance. 

It’s a huge deal for us to learn to trust ourselves. The truth is that we really know exactly what we need.  We know what feels right. We know what path to take. Which move to make. We always have.

Even when we are going outside of ourselves and seeking answers, the truth is in our hearts. Sometimes, we resonate with the guidance of others and sometimes we don’t. We know when something rings true for us. We know that moment. We feel it.

There’s a sense of breath and spaciousness when what is reflected back to us is in line with our own knowing.

It’s a blessing that we have others in our lives especially wise ones that can help us navigate the many layers of human experience. However, we must learn to trust ourselves first. Love the one we are with. We are born alone, and we will ultimately die alone. One of the biggest lessons we will ever have on this earth is embracing our aloneness, celebrating it, and being 100% OK with just ourselves.

I love sharing time with others. However, I crave my alone time and it helps me reset, rejuvenate, and really feel myself. It is a time for a recharge for deep listening. My daily meditation over the past three decades has helped me deeply trust myself, my intuition and my inner guidance.

 If you are finding it challenging to listen and trust yourself, I invite you to sit in even a 10 minute daily meditation in silence and listen. You will be amazed at what comes through. There might be some mind chatter however, there are glimpses of deep wisdom within whatever the noise machine in the head is churning out. Give yourself enough time to breathe through it and hear the pearls of wisdom that are just waiting for you.

Another amazing way to tap into your intuition is to just start writing in the morning first thing upon waking. Have a journal next to your bed. Before you even get out of bed, start writing morning pages. It’s very enlightening to see what wants to surface once we give ourselves that grace and time to just be.

If you are needing a little extra help from the crystal world, here are some of my recommendations for crystals of trust, support with intuitive guidance, connecting to the spirit realm, a.k.a. our personal guides, and sharpening our connection to them. I suggest wearing these on your body or meditating with them. When you start working with crystals ask them internally or out loud. “Please help support me with….” 

In this case, “Please help support me to trust my own intuition completely, and totally, thank you.“

Whenever we are connecting spiritually, it is always recommended to say please and thank you. It creates harmony and an openness within ourselves to connect.

I am going to offer some suggestions. But because this is about trusting Your inner guidance, there might be something completely different that’s not listed here that you may find yourself drawn to. You will hear the name of the crystal or you will find yourself magnetized to it. I would suggest going with it and trusting yourself! You’ve got this, and you KNOW.

Here are the suggestions:

Clear quartz 


Herkimer diamond






One of the most exciting things to bear witness to in the shop is a client who comes in needing something, and we invite them to take a look and see what they are drawn to. 10 out of 10 times it is exactly what they need. This is just so beautiful to see.

I pray that you trust yourself completely and entirely, and that you know in every cell of your body that you truly know exactly what you need. I pray you follow it.

I pray you live a life of complete freedom!

I honor you and I trust you. 

You’ve got this!


Much love, always, 


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  • Thank you for this beautiful invitation to trust oneself and for the validation to listen to that inner voice. Your words felt very nourishing as following your intuition is not always the easy thing to do 💗

    M B on
  • Thank you for this beautiful invitation to trust oneself and for the validation to listen to that inner voice. Your words felt very nourishing as following your intuition is not always the easy thing to do 💗

    M B on

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