The Gift of Conflict

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The Gift of Conflict
It’s hard to imagine when you’re in the thick of a difficult situation that it is truly a gift. Crystals are formed under tremendous pressure. The heat and power of the earths plates push them into their miraculous formations. Imagine the stress and force these miracles go through to form into the beautiful, breathtaking healers that they are.

Now imagine yourself and everything that you have endured to become the extraordinary miracle that you are!

I am moved to tears to think of what it has taken for us all  to grow into the beings we are continually becoming. Most of us have dealt with tremendous amounts of loss, betrayal, heartbreak, disappointment, and conflict both big and small. Stresses that have pushed us in ways that we have felt  in moments “This is just nearly impossible to break through.”

And then you do. 
The storm passes and  you rise yet again out of this event that you thought could break you. And yet here you are. Being polished and formed to become the shining exquisite gem you are. There is a deep richness to human beings who have gone through tremendous challenges. There is a grace and compassion amongst those of us who have walked a difficult path. There’s an understanding of the depths of the human experience. These challenges help us understand one another ourselves in the world in a much broader perspective. Once you have walked through fire and made it out the other side you can hold out your hand and encourage others to do the same. I believe that those challenges help us have a deeper understanding for one another and the ways of the world.
If you are currently going through what feels impossible and painful and need a little love and support here are some of my crystal suggestions:

The heartbreak healer...

Rose quartz. She will teach you how to love yourself deeply. Truly this is so important for you to know how absolutely magnificent you are.

The grief healer:

Cavansite. The majestic blue of the spherical precious rare crystal is a deep supportive ally during loss and grief.

The overall healer for all:
Flourite. An amazing crystal for healing pain, helping dissolve and transmute.

Whether you are wearing these beauties, sleeping with them or carrying them with you, may their crystal gifts show you the way through and out the other side. You are a miracle. 

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