Awakening together

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As a collective we’ve been thrust into a time of fierce growth and awakening.  
 Both personally and collectively, things will never be the same or as they were. Once we see, or "wake up”, we can’t unsee what we have experienced. As we become more self-aware, old habits and ways of being are brought into the light. Going back to the old knee-jerk reactionary ways of unconscious patterns just no longer work. 
Personally, I notice if I’ve said something in a reactionary or unconscious way. I immediately feel it and need to self correct instantly. There is no time for pushing things under the rug or pretending anymore. If we miss the mark, face it head on. Speak from your heart, apologize, make amends.
This is liberation. This is freedom. 
There is nothing more disarming than someone who lives with humility and is willing to tell the truth and speak from the heart. We’re not fooling anyone. And we are certainly not fooling ourselves.
I am always diligently working on how I’m showing up in the world. How I can be a more aware friend, partner, boss, neighbor, and human being in general. How can I show up with more consciousness and remembering that we are all part of a collective whole? This is a moment by moment, day by day, reflective opportunity.
Why do we react? Why do we push things away? What would keep us from humbly apologizing? 
I believe it’s fear. It’s a four letter word with massive and vast cloaking. It’s been said many times that we operate from two places: fear and love.
Just being in survival mode doesn’t serve us or each other anymore. I believe we all want to come from love.
There are simple steps to coming from love.
- Slowing down and getting really honest with ourselves. This doesn’t mean beating yourself up; it’s just taking the time to notice your actions and reactions, and paying attention to how it feels?
- Spending some time in the evening reviewing your day and noticing where you, what you would like to shift and change or if there anything left unsaid that could be amended?
- Checking in with those around you whom you trust can be powerful reflections and guiding lights.
- Taking time to love and nourish yourself every day. Even if it’s five minutes to sit in meditation, to take a moment to breathe and reflect on the small things that you might be grateful for.
- A morning gratitude list is a beautiful way to begin the day.

Crystal allies for awakening
Kunzite teaches how to speak lovingly from a higher realm. Understanding it is not personal and hearing and operating from the inner dimensions of the highest vibrational love. Wear kunzite specifically in any challenging conversation or communication. It will teach you how to listen with love and integrate this within. Hear what is actually being said from a deeper level.
Epidot helps re-organize thought patterns and transform ways of being. It balances the body both physically and energetically. Brings warmth and expansion to each individual chakra. Aids in clarity of thought.
Green tourmaline removes blockages, it helps open and activate the heart chakra and it provides calm and peace to one’s heart and nervous system.
Wearing, holding, and meditating with these specific crystals are sure to help through this awakening process. Remember, we always have an opportunity to begin again - to learn, grow, transform and expand. You are a beautiful miracle! 

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