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Sleep is so vital for our rejuvenation and health.

A good night’s sleep is an important step for any self-care ritual. Some people may swear by counting sheep, avoiding blue light, or even melatonin to help aid in their quest for sleep, but my favorite way to get a good night’s rest is to sleep with crystals. At different points in life, I’ve experienced levels of insomnia, whether it is a hormonal change or specific life stresses that have kept me up. While I have found crystals to be a great support in better rest and nourishment for my nervous system, they are only one step in the nighttime ritual I have developed over the years.

 I like to start my evenings with a bath. Cleansing the energy of the day is very important to me; it helps me to process the day’s events and to relax. If I don’t have a bath tub, I will take a shower. Getting clean at the end of the day is the perfect way for me to cleanse both myself and my energy, and an important step to winding down.

I also like to keep my space clean, both physically and energetically. I will regularly burn sage and palo santo, to clear out old energies and bring in new, brighter feelings. I also like to burn incense, another method of moving energy around in a space. I will cleanse the jewelry I wear daily by placing my pieces on slabs of selenite, or in selenite bowls. Selenite is a crystal for cleansing other crystals; it clears out negative energy and draws in positivity. It’s perfect for cleansing crystals that can’t be cleansed through traditional methods like sunlight or salt water, and is a quick way to energetically purify your jewelry.

One other important step for me is making sure that my home is an oasis. I have the perfect, cozy space for myself with comfortable furniture, soft blankets, and the warmth of soothing crystal energy. I have maximized the feng shui of my home with my abundance and love corners, as well as protecting my space against an overabundance of EMF energy. I turn off my Wi-Fi at night, as I am very sensitive to the energies emitted. If there is a mirror in the room I am sleeping in, I will cover it. I also turn off and cover any lights in the room, as they often can keep me up as well.

I usually have a few crystals in bed with me and always on my nightstands. For my bedroom, I have chosen crystals with soothing and calming properties, such as celestite and amethyst. Crystals for your upper chakras—throat, third eye, and crown—will be the best for a bedroom, as they will most often have properties that help with relaxation and sleep. These crystals will typically be light blue, purple, and white in color. If I find myself waking in the middle the night, I will place a crystal on my heart or third eye chakra, or simply snuggle up with my crystal friends that I keep in bed with me.

I have a few favorites for sleeping.

Lithium quartz: This crystal is so soothing to the nervous system. It is always the first crystal I recommend when someone tells me they can’t sleep. Lithium quartz helps to gently move your energy around your body, easing stress and anxiety. Since it is associated with the crown charka, lithium quartz is perfect for taking you to higher realms, such as the land of dreams.

Howlite: Ever heard the expression sleep like a rock? They were referring to howlite. Another crystal that helps to alleviate stress, howlite stimulates the crown chakra to enhance memory and sooth anxiety. This is perfect crystal to sleep with under your pillow, bringing you soft dreams and peace.

Lepidolite Mica: Created from natural lithium, not unlike its friend lithium quartz, lepidolite mica is another incredibly calming crystal. This crystal helps to clear electromagnetic pollution, making it a great crystal to have by your bedside if you sleep near your phone. Lepidolite mica is excellent for soothing the nervous system, helping you to relax and fall into a deep, heavenly sleep.

I love to sleep with crystals in my bed, but you will also feel their wonderous effects by having them anywhere in the room with you. For beginners, the best thing to do is get a small slab of howlite or lepidolite and sleep with it under your pillow. Even these small crystals can go a long way to helping you find restful sleep. My more experienced crystal users may find it better to have larger crystals on their bedside, such as a lithium quartz cluster, or a gorgeous, sparkling celestite. You can even sleep with crystals with dream enhancing properties, such as lemurian quartz. Once you’ve mastered restful sleep, using this time to tap in to your guides and your intuition is a wonderful way to connect with the spiritual plane.

For me, creating the perfect nighttime routine has been an amazing step in getting a good night’s sleep. And being well-rested is so important for one’s overall well-being. Sleep helps you to balance your energy, and waking up ready to seize the day helps you accomplish all the tasks you need to get done. So, if you feel like you’ve tried everything and still can’t sleep, give crystals a go. And you can claim that you never sleep alone. 

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