The Sensitivity Stigma

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Being born as a sensitive/intuitive person comes with its gifts and its challenges.
Before I understood that being sensitive/intuitive is a gift, I was embarrassed and ashamed of how sensitive I really am. I remember the uncomfortableness of hearing “Oh you’re just too sensitive” as if something was wrong with me for having heightened smell, taste, and awareness of light and sound. There are countless stories I could tell you of expressing what I knew intuitively and being told I was wrong and later the truth being revealed. 
This morning I was having a deep heart to heart with one of my dearest girlfriends who is also intuitive/sensitive. She’s about to move into a new home and had a keen sense that something was not right. For weeks she’s had multiple mold inspectors checking out this house and no one could find the source of what she innately knew. Finally yesterday, a very meticulous man came through and found exactly what she had known all along! She described the pain of being told “oh you’re just too sensitive” and being silenced when she knew something was not right. This is a familiar story and something I’ve experienced time and time again. 
Most of the world does not understand these gifts - it’s frowned upon and looked at as a weakness or in some cases you’re thought to be, God forbid, “crazy”. In fact, heightened sensitivity and intuition is a gift. In many cultures, the “Intuitive" of the village was looked at as the wise one, the one you would go to for answers because their natural gifts pointed the direction. Intuitive's were valued as trusted guides.
If you are a sensitive/intuitive person, this is to be revered.
This is a beautiful gift. And we need you especially right now. I personally honor and celebrate you and your exquisitely beautiful intuition. May you learn how to be gentle with yourself, meditate, tap in and learn to protect your energy. Because you feel so very much, it is important to replenish often. Whether this is stepping away, or taking a few minutes to breathe in and breathe out holding one hand to your heart and one to your belly or rooting yourself into the ground by taking off your shoes and standing on the Earth itself. Taking some time in the morning,  evening and maybe once during the day just to meditate for five minutes. Closing your eyes and imagining a shield of light around your body. There are many ways to reconnect to you and this is a very important practice daily specifically for intuitive and the gifted sensitives.
Here are some of my crystal recommendations for the highly intuitive:
Lumerian crystals, both Brazilian and Colombian, are high vibrational crystals. They are excellent facilitators of meditation and tapping in even deeper.
Kunzite: Precious beautiful Kunzite, loving communication from the highest plane. Understanding the heart of the matter and what is really being said. This is an exquisite crystal for what the world needs now - love, sweet love.
For rooting and grounding your energy:
Shungite is an excellent crystal. Very protective shield not only for EMFs but energies in general.
Black Tourmaline specifically with Mica. This is an extremely grounding crystal it even weighs a tremendous amount for its density. And the Mica is extraordinary for reflecting back unwanted energies.
We each have our roles in the world. Everyone has their gifts. Someone’s gift may be they are incredibly strong and stoic. Another person is able to take life super easy and light just naturally. Some people are joy bringers they’re just jolly and silly. 
We need all the colors of the rainbow when it comes to humanity. May you each shine bright and share your beautiful gifts with the world. And may we all learn to honor one another and ourselves with the highest regard.

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