Protecting and clearing negative energy

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Learning how to protect ourselves and be in the world with all of the intense energies is a super important part of being here on planet Earth. It is crucial to be aware of how to shield, protect and clear yourself from heavy energies and learn how to release them.
Before you even begin your day, especially before you leave the house, remember you will be stepping out into other energy which does have an effect on you. A wonderful practice I have found helpful is taking some time in the morning to go through my day and sending positive thoughts and feelings to wherever I will be throughout the day. 
Mentally picture clearing the way for whatever your day will take you. This will have a profound effect in creating positive energy wherever you go. Remember we are all energy and positive energy is felt not only by you but everyone you're coming in to contact with. If you are sending positivity there even before you arrive it will be felt and appreciated.
The next step is creating an energetic field around your body. What this means is picturing yourself in a bubble of light protection. Picture it around your body going outward in all directions, remembering that you are safe and secure inside this bubble of light. 
Crystal protecters to bring along:
I keep selenite, black tourmaline and shungite in my car with me. Not only are they protectors against electromagnetic field (in the case of black tourmaline and shungite) but selenite is also an amazing clearer of negative energies. It is literally like taking a spiritual shower. Run the selenite over your body to clear your field. Especially if you’ve had a heavier or negative experience it is a good way to clear your field.
Another helpful crystal in cutting and clearing negative energy is obsidian. Having an obsidian knife to cut off all of the attachments is a super powerful way of clearing your field. Run the obsidian knife over your entire field starting with your head and move down. This literally cuts energy off of you.
After I have completed clearing my body of any energetic interference, I lay my obsidian on a slab of selenite which will clear the crystal. 
When arriving home at the end of your day, it’s a good practice to (again) clear your field and body with selenite. I leave a stick by my front door and clear my body upon entering. Another amazing way to clear stuck/negative energy is by smudging with sage and Palo Santo. It is great to use over your body, in the car or at home.
And finally, if you’ve had a particularly hard day, I recommend a pound of sea salt and a pound of baking soda in a bath for 20 minutes. This is very detoxifying and healing.
Learning how to protect and clear your field is empowering. Know that you have the strength and inner wisdom to know exactly what you need to do. Follow your intuition - this is your most powerful ally.

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