The Adventure Begins

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Since 2005, I have embarked on the greatest adventure to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. It's mind boggling to reflect upon the past 18 years, and the deepening of both gem and crystal knowledge relationship and transformation. I have gone on this pilgrimage for nearly two decades, and yet it feels like a flash of light. As I reflect upon the beginning of my crystal and gem journey, my heart is filled with tremendous gratitude. The crystals and gems have taught me so much. It is a deep honor to be guided on this path and continue to learn from these ancient wise beings. I am also tremendously grateful for my relationships with the miners and the community of the gem and crystal world. 

My crystal family is sacred to my heart. There is a deep care and love that flows between us. I have forged deep relationships based in trust, honor, respect, and gratitude. It took me many years to develop an understanding and intuition for this incredible world. My heart soars to embark on this adventure and bring an elevated crystal experience to you.

This year is extra special because I am focusing on one-on-one custom curations with clients. What that means is I am available to curate beautiful spaces in your home. Be it a meditation room, a sanctuary bathroom, or to harmonize your entire property with beautiful crystals both inside and out. I am here for you.

Have you envisioned a rose quartz garden? A giant crystal to sit and meditate with? Maybe even a bathtub made of crystal? The possibilities are endless. I look forward to helping you bring harmony and balance into your spaces by infusing your home, workplace, and sanctuary with the uplifting energy of crystals.

Feel free to reach out to the team at 310-804-4611 to set up your time. There are a limited amount of slots for one-on-ones with me. I am excited to help make your crystal dreams come true. 



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