The Year of the Water Rabbit

Posted by Ele Keats on

Peaceful, patient energy is upon us now. This will be a huge relief from the intense energy of the tiger. We're moving into the softer time of the water rabbit...

The element of water taps into our intuition and contemplative nature.

Let your natural artistic nature and creative energy flow this year. Rabbit represents wealth and prosperity. This is a time to make smart financial moves.

Trust your intuition and be very clear. Rabbit moves with cautious energy. Tune deeply in to your intuition and let it guide you.

Rabbit is all about self-care. Let this be your year of deep nourishment, replenishment, and tapping into your inner resources of rejuvenation.

Creativity, deep inner work, and letting your intuition guide your way - this is the theme of the water rabbit. The invitation is to embrace this beautiful, new beginning!



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