Cleaning for Inner Peace and Harmony

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"Cleanliness is next to Godliness..."

Have you ever noticed if your space is chaotic it reflects the internal state? This week, I have been focusing on clearing and cleaning my home with great attention to detail.

As each room and corner clears, there is a profound inner shift, more spaciousness, more ability to navigate through everything.

Our physical space represents our internal state. Have you ever noticed how it is difficult to work in a cluttered room? There is a confusion and lack of clarity. Notice being pulled in different directions and a scattering of energy when our space is out of alignment. 

It is so much easier to navigate in a clean, clear, and peaceful space. I’ve been focusing on each and every little nook and cranny in my home and deeply cleaning and clearing this week.

This past holy Sunday, I emerged myself in the church of purity. There is a great expression:

“Cleanliness is next to Godlessness."

Amen to that! 

As I cleared and cleansed the internal chatter, what seemed to be overwhelming with the mountain of things on my to do list, and quite frankly, too much for one plate, I suddenly noticed things began flowing with so much ease and grace. 

As the space clears, the mind settles.

Being in a clear environment, helps us on every level, mentally, physically, and spiritually. There is a flow and a deep sense of inner peace. This goes for every area of my personal life. Those who know me know how important organization on the deepest possible level is for me.

I have been known to stay at my store into the wee hours of the morning, organizing, clearing, and harmonizing the environment. I believe that if someone walks into the store, and there is chaos tucked behind closed doors, it is felt. I am a stickler for everything having its place.

Energy is felt. We all feel it whether we know it or not. When we walk into an environment that is peaceful and harmonious there is a feeling of spaciousness and breath.

Taking the time to clean and clear your space, especially in this new year is vital for setting the tone for flow and alignment. It is also important that we ourselves are clear and clean as we begin our purification process. 

I begin with sage and Palo Santo to clear my field. Sometimes, if the energy is extra dense, I will take a salt scrub down. 

Salt is such an amazing purifier. 

Here is how to clear yourself with sea salt:

  • Take sea salt, add a tiny bit of water, and just allow it to become a bit sticky.

  • Stand in your shower and scrub yourself from head to toe, saying “I clear, cleanse, and purify my field. I send everything up to the light and down into the earth to clear my field."

  • Turn on the water and allow everything to clear. You will feel this. 

  • You can also just come up with your own prayer or affirmation. Let your heart call to you and listen for its inner guidance!

  • After you’ve cleared your space, let’s move onto our crystal friends. 

Here are my favorite ways of clearing crystals:

  1. Selenite. Slabs and plates of Selenite are an essential part of my meditation altar. When each crystal is placed on Selenite, they are constantly being cleared. Also, the crystals around my house rest on Selenite slabs.

  2. Clear to Light from Petaltone Essences. This incredible essence formula was created under the guidance of the great Judy Hall, author of the Crystal Bible. Taking the time to clear all your crystals is a beautiful and meditative act. One easy way to do this is to put a towel at the bottom of the bathtub.
    Fill it with water and 10 drops of Clear to Light. Place your crystals in the bathtub. Allow your crystals to soak for 30 minutes to give them a deep cleaning. A quick clearing can be performed by filling a spray bottle with water and 20 drops of Clear to Light and spraying your environment. We often do this around the store and we add half a bottle of Lemurian mist to the mix to not only clear the crystals, but also create a field of high vibration.

  3. Sage and Palo Santo. These wonderful gifts from the earth are essential clearing agents. Place your Palo Santo and sage in an abalone shell or bowl, and walk around your space asking all energies to move and clear. Sometimes, I simply repeat the word "Amen" around the space, I open all my windows and doors, and allow the energy to flow out. It is essential to shift energy, especially if there’s been heavy conversations or any funky vibes carried with you or others from the day.

  4. Salt for a quick purification. Add salt to a bowl of water. Some crystals do not like salt, so it is essential to make sure that you do not put any calcite or selenite in salt water.

  5. Finally, hold your crystal in flowing water, picturing light through the top of your head, flowing out through your arm as the water purifies your crystal  - is a quick and easy way to clear crystals.

May we clear, clean and purify our bases, our bodies, and our crystals to create harmony, peace, and clarity within our own beings and send out purity and love to the world. May you have a blessed 2023 that begins in purity and light. 



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