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Creating a sacred space is one of the most pleasurable and vital pieces of your self-care journey. Here are some suggestions for setting up a sacred space.


Your space does not have to be big. Even if you are living in an small environment, just create a little area where you can put a meditation cushion and an alter where you will place pieces that inspire and comfort you.

Your altar can be as simple as a slab of wood supported by a couple of bricks or as elaborate as a custom made, beautiful altar. The journey of creating your altar is part of the beauty of creating your sacred space. First, set up your altar and a cushion. You may enjoy having something soft under your legs, perhaps a soft rug. Choose crystals and/or special objects that have meaning to you. As you place them with love and care on your altar, enjoy this process of creating something beautiful for yourself to sit at and take in. 


Have a  bowl set up for burning sage, palo santo and incense. Add rice, sand or salt to the bottom of the bowl. I was inspired by my friend Libby who has a bowl with black rice for her burning bowl. It’s a great option as it will hide the ashes.


Choose a candle and place it on your altar. Have a lighter and a box to hold your incense sage and Palo Santo. Place selenite slabs and bowls in front of your altar to clear the crystals after you use them.


Having a tuning fork and a singing bowl helps clear your energy before you begin your meditation practice. I like to begin by hitting my tuning fork and moving it up and down my chakras. Next, I play my singing bowls as it alters the frequency and helps me drop deeper and deeper into a meditative practice. Depending on what your practice is, you may want mala beads to count your mantra.

I let my intuition guide me when it comes to choosing crystals to hold during my meditation. Take a moment to notice what crystals and/or objects you are drawn to to hold during your meditative practice. Crystals have a higher intelligence and know how to support you. Allow yourself to tune in and find your helper for the day. Place the crystal in your palm as you meditate. Notice where different parts of your body are asking for crystals to be placed. Often I will even sit on crystals. Sometimes I hold them in my hand. All depending upon the day and what is needed in the moment. 


Whether it’s five minutes or an hour, please enjoy some time each day and/or evening to connect within and visit your  altar space. You will feel a significant shift in your life. When we fill up our own cup we are able to show up, be more patient, loving and giving to others.


May your sacred space journey literally alter your life!

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