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"Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror." So brilliantly spoken by Byron Katie.

It’s fascinating how being alone has a somewhat negative connotation. As human beings, we long for partnership, we long for community and we yearn for connection. There is a worldly programming that has us believe that there is something wrong with being alone. You’re not complete until you’re with another.

However, until we fill our own cup, being in communion can sometimes be a distraction from our own inner journey. Recharging one’s battery with sacred alone time is incredibly valuable. It is the way to true, deep, powerful inner peace. When we can truly trust ourselves and have a deep relationship with our intuition, that is when we as human beings really flourish.

This past week, I have taken some deep personal time to just be within myself. I didn’t even leave my home for three days which felt so incredibly nourishing to my soul. I listen to my inner wisdom. When I was tired, I went to sleep - two nights were so early that my logical mind would never have planned it that way, however my intuition guided me to go to bed at 7 pm and wake up at 5 am. Such a blessing to spend deep alone time. It is incredibly important that we take the time we need on a regular basis. Especially living in a world that is so chaotic, we must have the strength within to face everything there is to face. It supports our immune system, our nervous system and helps us ground deeper into our own strength to do so.

I encourage you to set aside time for yourself (even if it’s ten minutes a day) and have a regular practice of taking some days to really be with you. I send you love, peace, and the wholeness of your sacred being.

Some recommendations for gems and crystals for supporting your personal journey are as follows:

Yoni crystals: Help support and deepen personal connection to crystals from the inside. Receive radiant love and healing from within.
Emerald is connected to the Celtic goddess of sovereignty Eriu. She is known as the heart of Ireland. Connected to the earth let the energy of this magnificent regal gem empower your self journey.

Lapis a crystals that reminds you of your own personal strength and empowers sovereignty.

Ultimately as I always remind you, your intuition is the best and greatest guide. TRUST YOURSELF!

Giving yourself some true time to just tune in and be guided by which crystals to work with durning your magnificent personal time is best of all.


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