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If I had to choose only one crystal it would definitely be Citrine. I’ve had so many miracle stories with Citrine. It is truly an abundant crystal that opens up opportunities in ways that are incredibly powerful. 
In the beginning of my crystal journey, when I was just learning about citrine, I bought a small piece and put it in the abundance corner of my home. Within a year, my income had doubled. I was so convinced about citrine that I just kept getting more and more as I watched my life expand in ways that I never would’ve imagined. 
From opening my first store, which has expanded tenfold in the past eight years, to now living mostly on my beloved island of Kauai, I credit citrine’s golden support for this expansion of energy and possibility. 
Crystals help us magnify what’s possible. Citrine is one of the most helpful, supportive crystals on this planet.
I find when I wear my citrine, a significant increase in abundance pours into my life, both in opportunity and in other ways. This solar plexus stone is truly spectacular. Like the shining star on your team, I say that citrine is your best employee willing to work 24/7 with full devotion and love. Citrine is great placed in your wallet as well as in a register if you happen to have a business. By your desk or anywhere where you are working, this is a motivator and a creative force of the sun's spectacular bright light. Manifestation energy, it is creative and it flows with possibility.
If you are looking to bring in more creative flow, this is the perfect crystal. If you are seeking more abundance or opportunity, citrine is for you. Natural Citrine is light to honeycomb color. Often times heated amethyst is sold as citrine but this is not recommended for tapping into the fullest quality of citrine.
Amethyst heated turns into a darker, brownish orange that is not natural citrine. For this crystal's full effect, I only recommend natural citrine.
Also, I am discovering from recent buying trips, that citrine is getting harder to come by so it is definitely thought of as an investment stone. We have so many incredible citrine formations in the shop right now and I invite you to come by soon to see all of my favorites! 

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