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Oh what a blessing to be able to gather with those that we love and choose to be with to celebrate universal gratitude! Giving thanks and simply giving is a key to happiness and fulfilling our hearts. However you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving, going into it consciously and with awareness, you have the opportunity to create a beautiful experience for yourself and those you gather with.
If you have any hesitancy about this time, I would like to invite you to take some time in the morning before you go about your Thanksgiving activities to live the experience internally before you meet your beloveds on this day. How would you like the day to unfold?

Visualize your day:
From the moment you wake up, to the drive,  to the gathering, to how everyone interacts with one another. It is a powerful practice to go through the experience and visualize it before it unfolds. If there’s anybody that might be a bit challenging or triggering, take a moment to visually picture yourself in a bubble of light before you interact with them and take a couple breaths before you speak (especially if you’re triggered). If once you’re together you find yourself reacting, some crystals that are helpful to bring along and have on your person are: selenite and black tourmaline. They are fantastic Thanksgiving companions in potentially challenging circumstances.

Selenite helps clear energy and offers a bright light protection. Black Tourmaline is armor and especially with mica helps reflect back people's projections. Kunzite is another wonderful crystal to have with you during social gatherings in general. It allows us to have loving communication and come from a higher place as we interact with others. 

May you have the most heartwarming, fulfilling, joyful experience this Thanksgiving week. I am so grateful to you and your loving support through the years, especially the past few with all of the incredible challenges we’ve all overcome. It’s been my honor and pleasure to serve in any way that I can and support you on your crystal and healing journey. 

I am very excited to announce our Black Friday Sale which starts today:
20% off all items through the weekend!
It happens once a year and we have some spectacular new jewelry designs and crystals that we are unveiling for this special occasion.
I will be at the shop Black Friday and throughout the holiday season. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to set up a private appointment with me. Our dedicated shop cell is 310.804.4611. I am so looking forward to all of us having the most spectacular Thanksgiving.
May you be blessed, and may you be filled with light, love, health and happiness.

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