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Embracing the December Roots!

2021, how she flew by! What a year of lightspeed change, transformation, opportunities to go with the flow, learn, rethink, reinvent, evolve, grow and continue the freefall into the unknown!


Our 2020 vision is getting clearer and clearer as we move into 2022. 2021 seems to have flown by at warp speed. During this time of mass transformation for the planet, it is important for us to stay grounded, centered and aware. Sometimes we have to fall back a little to spring forward. And little reminders that throw off center or just opportunities for us to grow and remember what we  actually need.


I was reminded yesterday how important carrying cleansing crystals is. I’ve been doing a little home hunting and was checking out multiple places yesterday. After moving in and out of different spaces, I noticed a heaviness and feeling of being ungrounded, irritated and just not myself. After reflecting upon this in the evening, I realized that I did not clear my field in between these different viewings. Spaces hold energy and as we move in and out of different experiences it is important for us to recenter, clear and reclaim our own sovereign energy.


How do we do this? There are multiple ways and here are a couple that I’ve found to be helpful. My number one is Selenite. I keep it in my car. Clearing your field after you’ve had an experience (even a super energizing one), is important. You should clear and move back into your own center. Take your Selenite and run it over your physical body. If you’re super sensitive, it will literally feel like you’ve taken a spiritual shower. 


If it’s a heavier experience, it’s important to have Obsidian. An Obsidian knife is a very helpful clearer of energy. It is important after you have cleared your field with obsidian to run it under water or put it on a piece of selenite to clear; it is a good cutter of heaviness.


Letting the sun shine down upon your body, especially your head, taking off your shoes and grounding your feet into the earth is a very good way to re-connect with your center and the center of the earth herself. Imagine the sun coming through the top of your head and showering you, being clear cleaning your field and your aura, allowing the dust to settle back into the earth. Mother Earth is so generous and she helps all of us, her human children,  reset and renew.


Winter in general is a time where we go inside literally and figuratively. It’s a time of hibernation and reflection. It can feel dense and heavy. As the seasons change around us, we also have the seasons within, it is important for us to put our roots deeply into the earth to replenish these times of density are natural and important. A tree cannot keep growing and growing and growing without losing her leaves and going through her cycles. We are the same. It is important to allow ourselves to go through each cycle with a deep understanding that it is part of the natural healthy flow of life. It’s natural in the winter time for us to put on physical weight find ourselves more sluggish, quiet, needing to sleep a little bit more.

I invite you to just go with it, embrace the natural cycle of life and be kind. Speak kindly to yourself. Treat yourself with that love that you would give your most treasured friend.


And speaking of your treasured friend, this is the time of giving! My heart is so fulfilled when I am giving. Somehow it’s easier to give than to receive - have you noticed? It is so fun to think of our beloved and come up with ways to reflect it to them in the form of gifts. We’ve been doing a lot of creative thinking over at the shop and have some wonderful gift giving ideas for you! We have wonderful blessing bundles that are great for on the go travel; keep in your car for a trip to help you clear and cleanse your space. We have bracelet bundles for bringing in love, protection, magic moon energy, and creative flow, just to name a few.

Crystals are one-of-a-kind magical unique miracles from the earth and they make amazing presents especially for those that might be a little more challenging to buy for.

We always invite everyone to follow their own intuition when it comes to picking out a special crystal for a friend or for oneself. Your intuition will be your best and most helpful guide. But if you need a little help from a friend, we are here for you.

I have been on a jewelry designing kick and have some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces that just arrived at the shop. We are happy to make private appointments, text gift ideas and/or email. Plus we can set up virtual appointments. Our shop hours are 11-6 daily and Sundays 11-5.

Happy to help and support you with your holiday shopping in a unique and personal way.

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