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There’s truly no place like home. Returning home each day after exploring the world should be a time where our bodies wind down and get ready to rebuild and connect to our own energy. In my last blog we explored creating a sanctuary spaces in your home. We began with the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Now I would love for us to talk about our workspace...the  home office! 
Recently many of us have had to work from home. Finding a balance between work at home and living at home in a clear way is an interesting new twist of modern times. Creating a workspace that has motivational and protective cocoon energy is of upmost importance.
I love having an inspiring crystal altar on my desk because it helps relieve stress. Sitting in front of a computer all day can be incredibly draining. Now with many children learning from home it is extra important that our little ones have electromagnetic field protection a.k.a. EMF‘s while sitting in front of screens. 
Some truly fantastic allies for EMF protection are as follows:
Shungite is my number one go-to crystal for EMF protection. Shungite is a fantastic EMF shield. Placing shungite near your computer as well as wearing Shungite is very helpful.
Black tourmaline is another great protective crystal against electromagnetic fields. I highly value black tourmaline covered with mica. Specifically because the mica reflects back projections and negative energy to the sender with the lessons they need to learn from why they would put out negativity in the first place. So this is helpful in the case of stressful work or life stress in general.
Having obsidian on your desk is fantastic for quickly releasing energies and moving through lessons in a very powerful way. Obsidian is not for the faint of heart as it is a no-nonsense, "cut to the chase" energy. One might like to “soften the blow “ speak by working with golden or silver sheen obsidian. A little more gentle, soft energy to balance out the "straight to the point" obsidian.
Besides crystals it’s nice to have an aromatherapy lamp in your work environment. Using aromatherapy oils, specifically ones for focus and calming the nervous system, is a great way to create a harmonious, focused work environment.
Having a clear and clean office definitely creates more direction and clarity. I find it helpful to have everything clean and organized before I begin my work, otherwise my energy can be scattered and distracted.
Some great studying focus crystals are as follows:
Clear quartz very clarifying and helps with focus.
Sodalite is a fantastic crystal for keeping your cool, calm and collected energy. It’s also great with helping one think rationally. It also helps you focus on what really matters.
Citrine is a great crystal for invoking confidence. We all need our confidence high in the workplace.
Green aventurine is fantastic for luck, courage and peace. These are awesome attributes for any employer and employee relationship.
I encourage you to create an awesome work environment that has you motivated, inspired and producing results that matter to you and your community.

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