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Our homes are our sanctuaries, a refuge from the world. The place where we return to ourselves, come back to our center and remember who we are. Creating a home that nourishes, nurtures and reflects you is of utmost importance.
I invite you to step into your kitchen, the heart of the home. The kitchen is our source of nourishment. When we prepare food for ourselves and those we love, this is a sacred experience. In my kitchen, I have an alter where I place crystals that inspire me. I find that I spend more waking hours in my kitchen than any other room in the entire house. Positive intention, prayer and love go into preparing meals.
Crystals that reflect these energies are as follows:
Celesite: Calling all angels! The angelic blue hue it’s an invitation into the divine.
Ocean Jasper: Bringing together everyone with love and communion is the forefront of the healing qualities of beautiful, magical Ocean Jasper.
Morganite: Do it with love! Every breath, every thing begins and ends with love.
Aquamarine: Tranquillity and going with the flow. This is the peace of aquamarine.
Let's visit the bathroom. Our own personal spas. Your  bathroom is your place to cleanse, release and rejuvenate. This pinnacle of relaxation deserves to be adorned with beauty and all that reflects what you need.
Crystal recommendations for the bathroom are as follows:
Selenite: The ultimate clearing crystal! Place your jewelry and anything that you want cleared onto a piece of selenite or in a selenite bowl - while you are  bathing let your jewelry have its own bath.
Fluorite: A super healing crystal ready to assist and help you heal.
Obsidian knife: I keep an obsidian knife in my bathroom especially if it’s been an extra heavy day. It lays in wait ready to clear and remove any unwanted energies. When you are finished energetically cutting all that you need off of your body with your obsidian knife, they are easy to clear. Run water over your knife. Picture light coming from the top of your head through your hand through the water and let it clear your obsidian knife that is so ready to help you remove any unwanted energy.
Crystal bath: I always have crystal pebbles on hand to add to my bath. This enhances the experience of cleansing your body with your crystals. After you’re finished taking your crystal bath put your crystals in a selenite bowl to clear the energy so they are ready for your next bath experience.
Your bedroom is your place of rest. Let the space be lit with warm crystal lamps, crystals that bring peace and relaxation to your body. Sleep is the ultimate healer!
Here are some crystal recommendations for your bedroom:
Crystal lamps: Create a warm inviting and peaceful atmosphere.
Rose quartz: Offers a warm soft hue that infuses your space with a love light.
Selenite: Clears and purifies the atmosphere.
Amethyst: This adaptogen can give you what you need.
And crystals for deep sleep are lepidolite, lithium quartz and howlite. Snuggle up to these crystals friends for a restful, peaceful, rejuvenated night.
In my next blog I will talk about your office and living room. Stay tuned for more crystal talk!

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