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At the pinnacle of passion, joy, and laughter is ecstasy. Whether you're dancing in the rain, laughing your head off with a dear friend, enjoying the most delicious meal or entangled in your lover's arms, ecstasy is one of the greatest of all human experiences. 

This feeling is one fo those super human experiences that remind us of the glory of the gift of life. Allowing ourselves to melt into the goodness and the sweet nectar of life is the path to an ecstatic existence. These heightened moments stand out as some of the greater human experiences. 

How can we bring ecstasy into our every day experience? 

How do we create an ecstatic life?

I invite you to make yourself a little love list of whatever brings you ecstasy. Allow your imagination to wander and open. You may be surprised to discover what actually brings you ecstasy. It could end up being something as simple as making your morning tea, or coffee, possibly taking a long, luxurious bath or maybe it's closing your eyes, putting on your favorite music and just allowing your body to move! What an exciting adventure to discover and uncover these beautiful parts of you.

Creating an inspiring home that reminds us of our joy is a gateway. Begin with your bedroom. Does it express the full passionate being that you are? It's a place for rest, rejuvenation and sharing intimacy - how does your bedroom reflect that?

Some crystals that are essential for the bedroom are:

Yoni crystals- feeling and experiencing crystals from the inside is a profoundly transformative experience; it is the quickest way to "feel" your crystals

Rhodonite - for connecting your heart to your root

Garnet - Boosts sexuality and awakes Kundalini energy

Carnelian - the sacral chakra gateway of creativity

Rose quartz - For heart healing and heart sharing

Pink Tourmaline - passionate, transformative love

Jade - Strengthens boundaries and helps establish and embrace trust

Each day give yourself the precious time to explore this precious part of your existence. Remember you deserve to live an ecstatic life!


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