Medicine for the Soul

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My 50th birthday celebration was absolutely magnificent in every sense of the word. Being surrounded and feeling truly cherished by such dear friends was medicine for the soul! Deep connection, vulnerability, loving support, and nourishing words provided the experience of feeling (and being) both safe and seen. Supportive love flowed among us. I will forever cherish the precious days that we spent together. 


On the morning of my birthday, a small group of friends circled together for a tea ceremony. We sat in silence under the magnificent magnolia tree at the entrance of my property on Kauai and soaked in the beauty and the subtleties of the tea ceremony. Slowing down and bearing witness to the thoughtfulness, care, and love as each bowl of tea was prepared brought a deep inner peace and calm. 


During the ceremony, when we began to share our experiences, my friends surprised me by reading poetry that they felt inspired to share or that they had personally written. Receiving their words and the feeling of love that flowed over me as I listened carefully to their words affected me in a transformational way. Accepting that degree of love was profoundly life-changing. 


After the ceremony I literally had to lay down on a crystal mat for two hours to absorb and process the magnitude of this medicinal love. My wish for myself in my 50th year is to expand my capacity for receiving love. I have found that allowing love to flow out from my soul into the world is super natural and easy for me. However, when it comes to allowing myself to be loved to its deepest potential … this is where I am seeking to grow and to evolve. 


If you, too, are working on your capacity to receive and to hold even more love, these crystal allies will help lead and guide you through this process.


Citrine for its great capacity to hold abundance of all kinds including love. Say yes to everything with Citrine.

Amazonite increases positive communication and increases the ability to communicate truths.

Mango pink calcite allows one to heal and come to peace with the past, allowing one to let go of what no longer serves. Ultimately to open yourself up to what is possible.

Amber is protective and cleansing. It also opens one up to positivity and solutions.

Lapis is a star map, wisdom stone of love. Let lapis guide your way.

Pink opal is a gentle emotional balancing stone, meant to soothe and attract kindness, while allowing your heart to open.

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  • Enjoyed you sharing your birthday gathering, so miss the gatherings that I attended when living in north county San Diego ❤️

    Faye on

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