Turning 50 is Phenomenal

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This mile stone of a birthday has me looking back and looking forward all at once.
First of all, there’s just so much to be grateful for. 
Here I am now 50, surrounded by incredibly loving friends, the most supportive brilliant partner, living in a beautiful environment connected deeply to nature. 
As I reflect back upon my life, the most potent moments that are truly fulfilling are the ones where there is a deep connection between myself and another. There’s something about the depth of human connection where time stands still. There is a powerful fulfillment where our hearts are in harmony and in those moments anything is possible.
What do I value most? Deep, intimate connection. I love bringing people together. I now understand why. It’s because we can make a massive difference for one another through intimate conversations, inspiring one another lifting each other up, seeing  and reflecting our own light in another’s eyes.
As a gift to myself for my 50th birthday I brought together my most intimate of friends. My heart sings with gratitude as each of them  touch each other‘s hearts. It’s so beautiful to witness love flowing.
This is what truly matters.
In 2004, a spark of divine intervention ignited what has grown to be a transformative business. At the time I was 33 years old with a successful acting career. If I could have seen into the future and known where I would be today I never would’ve believed it.
33 was a profoundly painful year. It was a year of deep grieving and yet in that same year, I was guided to find an emerald to wear. That guidance  changed the course of my life. It led me step-by-step down the path of what is now known as Ele Keats Jewlery. 
It began with jewelry and designing simple, timeless pieces. It was the gemstones (polished exquisite crystals)  that divinely guided me to Crystals. This has and continues to be a beautiful relationship. I am continually inspired and humbled by these miraculous intelligent allies. 
Looking back through my life’s journey over the past 50 years, there have been many twists and turns, profound in her personal growth which will continue for the rest of my life.  
My teenage years were filled with turmoil and rebellion. It was also when I began therapy and a steady exercise routine. In my late teens, I found yoga and natural alternative healing. In my 20s I had a tremendous amount of anxiety and health issues which led me to daily meditation, a vegan diet  and on a spiritual journey which still continues to this day. My 30s were fun and also very challenging inner personally. I had a “dark night of the soul” which led me to the work of Byron Katie - attending her school changed my life. 
At 39 I had a visceral experience of learning to fall in love with myself. It was met with both laughter and tears.
In my early 40s I had the opportunity to open my first tiny shop which was under 100 ft.² in Brentwood behind the Country Mart. In eight years, the shop has moved locations four times and we are now at over 1000 ft.². In eight short years the shop has expanded 10 fold! 
My 40s have been the most growth filled, powerful spiritual initiation years of my life. Huge loss and huge gain all at once. I have learned the most painful lessons in this decade and am incredibly humbled and grateful for this ride of a lifetime.
Moving into my 50s I am excited for what is to come. I feel ready and prepared to face whatever life has to offer. I learned very early the one thing you can count on in life is change. If we embrace change and allow ourselves to move through it with grace anything is truly possible. Aging is a journey all into itself and embracing it with the tender welcoming is truly the only way. I am excited for this next decade, chapter and journey of my life. More to come and more to be revealed.

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  • I love all your posts, but thank you especially for this one. I turn 50 in a year and a half and I am grateful for rare vibrant women like you who don’t act like it’s terrible. I feel better than I ever have and I look forward to this decade too. I resist telling you that you look your 30 still because why does that have to be a compliment; but well, you do! Happy birthday!

    Sarah on
  • Keep going girl!

    Kree on
  • Most importantly, I want to wish you the most wondrous of birthdays. Having been on this life journey with you at different times and spaces, quite a bit when you were young, I want to honor what you have created for yourself. A beautiful, aesthetic store that I have watch grow over the years with gorgeous crystals and jewelry!! The making of a brilliant business woman, purchasing a home on my favorite island, continuing with your spiritual practice and path and having loving friends and a devoted boyfriend. Could it be any better ? Molto Bravo. Happy Birthday

    Steve Hasenberg on
  • It is reassuring to see you embracing your age openly and gracefully. I’m intrigued to know more about your dark night. I recently turned 70 and I’m still lagging behind you in sharing my age so openly. Thank you for your story – ive met you in the shop and purchased my first crystal grid crystals from you in December 2019. ❤️Happy birthday! I love Kauai!


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