Intuition vs Influence

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As a child, I remember my mother consulting with psychics and astrologers. My natural instinct told me, “I do not want to be influenced by anyone.” I was concerned that listening to their insight would alter my intended path … or, that their words would raise doubts about my own intuition.
I recall having these thoughts at the tender age of six years old! And, today, while I appreciate my mom seeking guidance from others, I also celebrate an early recognition that following my own instincts comes first. 
As I’ve matured, I have placed even greater value in seeking counsel. This support has helped me grow and transform.
However, there’s always a degree of discernment when it comes to receiving what others are offering. I trust my instincts first because I am responsible for my actions. In other words, I will not blame the advice of others for the decisions that I ultimately make.  
When listening to other's guidance, it is important to remember – no matter how highly-intuitive or psychically-gifted a person may be,  they offer from their own life experience and filters. As we, are evolving humans,  we too must filter their wisdom through the lens of our own experiences. Being able to receive whatever is offered from this perspective and recognizing that I am responsible for my actions regardless of the advice I receive, is liberating … and opens my heart and mind even more to the essence of the wisdom being offered to me. This is a beautiful realization.
When receiving another’s advice, I always ask myself, “Does this feel right ... are these words aligned with my own inner guidance?” Trusting my own instinct and intuition first is a must.
Unfortunately, some of us were raised to doubt our own intuition. Maybe your primary caretakers wanted you to trust what they had to say over your own intuition and bypass your incredible inner compass? 
I recall in my 20’s going through a phase where I sought the advice from many … friends, counselors, advisors … before making my own decisions. Today, I realize that I was simply repairing my own inner compass. I turned to others because I didn’t completely trust myself.
However, in my later years, only after diligently working toward reconnecting with my inner compass, I have become more discerning from whom I seek wisdom and recognize that being responsible for my actions requires that I trust myself first. Returning to this childhood realization is humbling, empowering, and liberating.
Crystals for following your own intuition and inner guidance are as follows:
Herkimer Diamond:  Are awesome for clarity and trusting your own intuitive guidance. With their bright brilliant light pointing the way in both directions.
Clear Quartz:  Clear the way! Clearing the way towards your path amplifying vision awareness and tapping in.
Ocean Jasper This highly energetic channel allows one the ability to combine their will with their emotions, pushing one to achieve joy, happiness and emotional stability.

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