The Importance of Acknowledgment

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Generosity comes in all forms. Being generous with your words and acknowledging others authentically is an under valued art of loving. Sharing your love and appreciation for another is a powerful fuel of encouragement. 
As I’ve previously shared, we all want to be seen and understood. We need to encourage each other. How awesome is the friend that goes out of their way to call you knowing that you might need that extra little bit of love? It is so necessary. The helpful human that notices you might need a hand and steps in to support. It’s the little things and often they are overlooked. I want to encourage you to encourage! It is a way for us to bring more love into this world and light up our fellow souls.
I remember sitting in my acupuncturist's office waiting room next to Robin Williams only six months before he died. I so badly wanted to acknowledge this extraordinary bright light for all of the joy, laughter and goodness he brings. His remarkable ability to live with his heart wide open always was a role model to me even as a young girl. I sat next to him and struggled internally “Do I want to say something to this brilliant man or leave him in privacy?” I chose not to and instead I said “Those are some really cool sneakers,”
and he said “Thank you!“ Six months later after hearing the tragic news of his death, my heart sank knowing that I missed an opportunity to acknowledge this beautiful soul.
With his passing, I decided no more missed opportunities for acknowledgment. We must love each other completely. You never know what a difference your words of encouragement may make for another. We have no idea the effects of our kindness on another. 
Now I’m not saying that I could’ve saved a life here, however my withholding kind of broke my own heart a little bit. I was following my own inner guidance by not saying anything. There is a delicate balance to protect someone’s anonymity especially in a doctors office. However this was a missed opportunity for loving acknowledgment. We never know how powerful our loving words and authentic kindness is for another let us continue to love with a big wide open heart .What a wonderful world it would be.
Crystals for opening your heart and expressing your truth are:
Cavensite: The truth speaker crystal. Opens up the through chakra to say it as it is. 
Kunzite: Speaking with loving kindness and always from the heart.
Fluorite: Instills confidence and healing.

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