Living Life With Childlike Wonder

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Living life with child-like open and flexible mind is the secret youth elixir that draws in both positive energy and a truly joyful life. Having a fixed, “set-in-your-ways position” – both mentally and physically – hardens and prevents energy from flowing freely.

When you see a baby, doesn’t your heart just melt? We are moved and touched by their open wonderment of the world. Their eyes are wide and innocent. They are drinking in the world with newness and a fresh, bright energy. Their bodies are super flexible as is their mind and tiny joints that are growing.
What happens to us, as human beings, as we age? We become more stiff, more rigid, and more stuck. We develop a fixed mind set as we get more weighed down by life.
Being able to maintain the joyful wonderment and innocence of a child is the gateway to a life filled with emotional, spiritual, and physical flexibility. An opportunity to flow…
The longer we are here on this planet, life’s experiences tend to harden us. We can literally get weighed down by life – freezing or stiffening us with pent-up resentments, anger, frustrations, and disappointments. They cling to us because we believe life should have brought us something different…or more…or better, rather than what we are actually experiencing. And, so, there’s something that happens to us – as human beings, we simply shut down.

To continue to live with an open heart – no matter what we have experienced – is a courageous way to be. A wise friend once shared with me, “You get the face you deserve”, which means that if you live a life with anger and resentment it will show. Not only physically, but also spiritually.

We each omit a certain frequency. It’s easier for us to sense another human’s energy field – there are humans who are sweet, positive, and kind; we are physically drawn to them and want to be close. On the contrary, there are humans who are angry, bitter, or negative and we are repelled by them. 

It is a constant practice to be able to let go, to softly surrender, and to experience the “free fall” into living your life with an open heart.

In the practical sense, it means being willing to humbly see ourselves for who we are, to admit when we’re wrong, to make amends, to forgive those who have no idea what their actions have done to affect us, and to understand that most humans are living an unconscious, “sleepwalking” type of life.

For those humans who are willing to wake up and do our work, it is a constant surrendering – over and over again – to be self-aware, to release the unconscious behaviors of others, and to do the necessary inner work to live a life of freedom.

Living an “aware” life is an opportunity for freedom. 
It is an opportunity to be humble and really see oneself. We’re not fooling anyone or getting away with anything if we try to bury, to pretend, or to defend. After all, the only person in the end who loses (or misses out on the opportunity for infinite love) is us … and, unfortunately, those humans close to us because they, too, are affected by our own energy.
How amazing would the world be if everyone accepted their own “stuff”, lived with an open wonderment and appreciation for life, were honest about how they felt, and took responsibility for their actions? What a wonderful world of peace and freedom!
Ultimately, this decision begins with us. We are all interconnected as each human makes the individual choice to awaken in this way. It will affect those around us and, ultimately, empower others with the brave invitation to take the necessary steps towards this path.

I invite you to live in this wonderment, truth, and joy…and I celebrate your own path to freedom!

Crystals for letting go, awakening, and being in “childlike wonder” are as follows:
Celestite: Angelic calling in of gentleness, softness, support, loving, transformative, sweet energy. This crystal is a cloud of gentle angelic whispers towards our softening and ultimately transforming us with the sweetest of energy. Picture of childlike cherub dancing through the clouds with her fellow friends this is the energy of celestite.
Labradorite: this stone reiterates your energy, is the stone of dreamers and is absolute magic to hold, meditate or just look it. Experience the transformative power!
Angel Aura Quartz: A protective shield for your aura, helping one to find inner peace, mental clarity and it exudes a high vibration of love! And again, this is another one that is so precious and sweet with all of the beautiful colors illuminating.



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