The Garden is Growing

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Building a garden is truly an art! I have attempted it multiple times and have failed. Despite that, I continue to go for it and will not give up! I absolutely cherish being able to pick fresh ingredients grown with love…so here I go again on this garden adventure!
I began (again) a few weeks ago but this time took all the invaluable lessons from my friend, neighbor, and advisor, Roberta Jones. She serves as an inspiration to me and her garden thrives! She made brilliant suggestions on the best soil, amendments, plus some practical advice based on experience about how to “set the stage” for a successful garden. It certainly takes a village to grow a garden!
Spearheaded with the love and care of my darling boyfriend and a few of our friends, we created our vegetable, herb, and fruit paradise.
Everything is growing and thriving! In large part, this is because Kauai is the ideal place to grow a vibrant and healthy vegetable garden filled with basil, thyme, tarragon, arugula, red oak lettuce, chives, dill, cilantro, two different kinds of bok choy, fennel, tomatoes, okra, squash, leeks, mint, collard greens, kale, papayas, coffee, moringa, pineapples, and colorful flowers to attract the bees to pollinate!
In addition to the generous water from the plentiful rains, we tenderly water each plant every day. We are meticulous, patient, and caring … like the love of a parent to a child … and it is moving to both observe and experience firsthand. 
Growing a garden with love is a wonderful way to grow and to evolve together. Check out how it’s a growing!!!

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