Our Time is Precious

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As the years have passed, and through all of the experiences I have had thus far on the planet, one of the greatest life lessons I have learned is how precious time is.


The older I've gotten, the more I have refined how I spend my time and whom I choose to share it with. Our energy is sacred, and who we choose to be with is of the upmost importance. Whether we are aware of it or not, those we surround ourselves with and what we take in defines our lives, our thinking patterns, our energy field, and our health and well-being. It is vital to be incredibly selective with what we choose to be around.


That also goes for what we consume through our eyes our mouths and our ears! This can include listening to people complain, gossip, or indulging in negative entertainment that is violent and disturbing, like the news that focuses on the horrors of the world. We are being consumed by everything that we expose ourselves to. 


I can't express enough how important it is to be clear about how we want to live our lives. In my early 20s I took a vow to not gossip for six months as part of a leadership training course I was participating in. This is become a lifelong habit, as I've become innately aware of how the energy of gossip feels. For me it feels like consuming poison. One of my core values is if someone has a problem, they go directly to the source. 


That being said, there's a difference between that being a sounding board for a friend who needs to "get it out " and be supported. When it comes to people who are habitual gossips or focus on the negative or drama in life, it is extremely important to be aware of this and make your choice accordingly. 


One of my greatest joys in life is alone time. It gives me time to recharge, reflect, and come back to my center. I adore spending quality time with friends, laughing and being playful, cooking, and getting to the heart of the matter. Really digging deep into understanding the ways of the world, humanity, and how we are wired. I am fascinated by learning myself deeper, seeing my blindspots, and working through everything there is to show up to my highest potential. And this takes time. It takes a deep willingness to see and be honest with myself and those close to me. 


I am so grateful for the many lessons life has offered, even the ones that have been incredibly challenging. (And believe me, there have been some huge lessons for me in this lifetime!) Each of these lessons i’ve been given have helped me rise to the occasion and continue this journey of life. 


At 33, I got a clear vision about my life purpose. When this came through, I remember laughing and crying. "I am here to bring connection, creation, inspiration, and beauty to the world" It truly sums up my path. This was before being a jewelry designer and long before having a retail store. This was a glimpse into what was to be. It was a whisper that became what is now the map that guides me through my life path.


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Xoxo, Ele

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