Crystal Love and March Magic!

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March has always felt particularly magical to me, so years ago I named it March Magic. Can you feel it? I am starting it off with all the love for, well… everything. But especially CRYSTALS! Oh how I love crystals and all their magical, powerful ways!
I am freshly back from my biggest treasure hunt ever. It is such a joy and pleasure to bring the best of the best crystals to the shop. This year was particularly special, as my eyes and intuition refines even more each trip. This time, I discovered new crystal friends that I had never seem before.
We are FINALLY unpacked and ready to share all the spectacular new treasures of the earth with you! It’s been a true labor of love and we OOO and AHH with all the stunning new (even though they are all 10,000 years old or much older!) crystals we have unpacked, placed, and highlighted throughout the shop.
I have been personally spending countless hours beautifying the sanctuary (aka Ele Keats Jewelry) by placing them just where they need to be for their new owners to bring home.
The shop is ever changing with more and more to discover and explore. Right at this moment, there are so many special crystals surrounding us! I invite you to come in and see all the glory and magic of these true miracles.
Even more exciting news -I have a stunning new jewelry collection made with glorious colored gemstones. I am so excited to share all the love with you. The love is bubbling over right now and I can hardly wait to show you!
Please know, if you are too far away to jump in your car after you read this email, we can happily FaceTime with you and / or text to send you pictures and videos if you so desire. Our store cell is  310.804.4611!
Sending you March Magic all month long!

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