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Powerful energy today, can you feel it? I found myself wide awake and clear in the wee hours this morning. Today is potent, just from an intuitive perspective without even understanding the significance of this day, this is an awakening and a day of light. 


The past two years, humanity has been going through a incredibly potent awakening. On every possible level, we have been challenged to the hilt.

As we each individually step through this time, there is no turning back to old ways or archaic paradigms. 


This is the age of Aquarius. This is the time of awakening. A rebirth, a new beginning, a freedom from old ways stepping into the light and the new.

For some, it can be very challenging to let go of what used to be to embraced in this ever-changing, expansive universe. My invitation is to be gentle with yourself and remember to be as present as possible.  


Change is truly the only thing we can count on. 

This free fall into freedom is the way. 


From an energetic standpoint, things are changing very quickly, and sometimes it takes our bodies a bit to catch up with all of these upgrades and breakthroughs that are occurring! It is vital that we take time to sit in meditation, get plenty of sleep, and drink as much water as possible. Move your body in ways that honor it and feel good. Eat nourishing, strengthening foods. Listen to things that are inspiring. Surround yourself with beauty and supportive, loving people. 


Put your attention on what feeds your soul. You are expanding and transforming, and this is a beautiful rebirth and a process of the miraculous!


To help support your transformation, crystals can be amazing allies. Today is a powerful day to connect with your crystals. Perhaps come visit the shop and choose a new friend to step into this portal of light with!


Today is a day where I would suggest listen deeply to your intuition let it guide you exactly to what you need. 


Xoxo, Ele

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  • a beautiful invitation to align with our truest selves both with our inner knowing and deepening connection to the magic of crystals. Thank you for this offering

    debi fries on
  • Love this Ele! Enjoy this magical day and catch up soon ♥️

    Courtney Ursetti on

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