For All of Our Precious, Tender, Loving Hearts

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Oh the heart is wise, oh the heart is strong! Yes the heart is resilient. How many times do we have to surrender our tender hearts in one lifetime? How many times in one lifetime do we go through massive amounts of change and transformation in the arena of the heart? 
How do we live with an open heart when we faced so many moments of sadness, disappointment, and grief? For me personally it really is the only way. Our hearts are brilliant, they are wise, they are constantly guiding us if we are wise enough to listen.
When we listen to our hearts and not our heads, we will continue to be guided through this life with grace. Following your heart is not the easy path, however, it is the most rewarding! 
Many of us have been through painful losses in our life. We've had to learn to be resilient in multitudes romantically, within our families, friendships and even work relationships. Letting go, moving on, picking ourselves up and continuing to live with open, loving hearts truly is the only way to peace and harmony within ourselves and within our world. 
This is not an easy task, however it is so necessary for our own personal healing and for the healing of our world. It is important for us to go through whatever we need to do to heal ourselves in the realms of the heart. As we approach Valentine's Day, this can be a tricky moment for us who are going through any level of grieving process around love.
This is for you. I want to reflect on some specific crystals that are incredible for healing the heart. Here are my recommendations. There are so many incredible crystal formulas for healing the heart these are my favorites:
Pink opal, the heartbreak crystal is a nourishing, loving, soft pink light to hold you through any transformative process around love and loss. Hold pink opal close and feel the love and support.
Self-love that is tranquil and sustaining, Chryscolla encourages us to remain peaceful during strong times of change or challenges. It helps us dissolve destructive emotional programming because you have the infinite capacity for forgiveness to learn to love yourself!
The heart reviver! Teaches us to face painful feelings without shutting down understanding, ongoing patterns and offering us loving, compassionate and forgiveness to face the truth within ourselves. This is a heart chakra stone and all about unconditional love and selfless compassion.
Because it strengthens your faith within yourself and it's intuitively guiding your intuition. It helps you see what is in front of you and helps you protect your well-being.
The gem crystal of hope. It helps you create what is for your highest good, it helps relieve self-defeating programs, helps us tie up loose ends before we move on. There’s no reason to lose hope in your heart aquamarine is here to support.
As always I highly encourage you to trust your intuition you may find that you were drawn to another crystal not even recommended in this particular blog post. I would highly encourage you to follow that intuition and explore. Please remember above all, your higher self always knows what's best.
Xoxo, Ele

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