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We are entering the potent year of the Water Tiger. This is a time to take calculated risks. Imagine a tiger moving through the wild - clear, confident, powerful, observant, brave. Remember the seeds that you have been planting for so very long are about to move to fruition. This is a very powerful year of moving forward. Get ready to play big and be agile. This is a year of team building and moving forward through connecting with people. Water years tend to bring up a lot of emotion and with the tiger energy this is most definitely going to be a powerful year. Remember that emotions are important; as my best friend Kate says, "What we can feel, we can heal." This is also the year to feel  and allow yourself to move bravely on your path and trust your intuition. It will always guide you in the right direction. 
The New Moon is a powerful time in general to plant your seeds. This is a time of new beginnings. How does this relate to crystals? Crystals are amazing allies for supporting us on every level. It's a new year! A chance to begin, moving ourselves in a direction of a forged new pathway of life. Personally I've been on the most epic crystal adventure of my life the past eight days!  The beautiful energy about to enter our doors next week will be a game changer for us. I am so excited to bring forth some of the most extraordinary, beautiful miracles of the earth ever! As I learn, grow and refine both my eye and my intuition, the crystals that get to come into the store are ever evolving. I am so honored and excited to bring forth the most exquisite natural treasures yet. We will be unpacking and organizing the first week in February and by Valentine's Day we should have so many beauties to reveal. Come be the first to see our magnificent new arrivals. 
Let's celebrate this new lunar energy together as we move into the powerful Water Tiger year. Excited to support you in all of your ventures and adventures!
xoxo, Ele

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