Martin Luther King Jr.'s Tree

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My altar is my refuge. It's where I go to sit, listen to divine guidance, and meditate daily. There's a treasured pecan that has been sitting on my altar for many years. It came from a very special pecan tree. One that sits behind Martin Luther King Jr's home in Montgomery, AL. What sits on my altar is a sacred reminder of the energy of an extraordinary man.
I'm reflecting today on what it would take to be such a committed, pivotal, powerful, transformative human being in the world. It is beyond words how this warrior of unconditional love altered the course of history through his dedication and devotion to humanity. And that these actions were done through love and peace.

As individuals and also collectively, we all have an opportunity to make a difference. In small ways and in big ways. Each day is a calling for us to love deeper, rise above, and transform our worlds through our own personal actions. Every choice we make has an effect.
It begins with how we speak to ourselves internally as well as how we speak to those around us externally. A life lived in devotion to service and making the world a better place, ultimately, if we really look at it, isn't that what it's all about? How do we learn to love deeper, grow and rise above it all?
Thank you to the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. for showing us it is actually possible to make an extraordinary difference in the world. May we all learn to listen with kindness, love deeper and rise above.
xoxo Ele

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