For the Love of All Creatures, Great and Small

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 I have such a love for animals. Several years ago I found a baby chick, just a few days old,  on my favorite beach here on Kauai. I heard the sound of a distressed little being and found this tiny, little, yellow peep stranded by his lonesome. I scooped him up and brought him to the beach with me. He spent the night with me in a little box. The next morning, I meditated with him in my lap and introduced him to some crystals. I fell in love with this fierce little chick. 


At this time I was visiting the island and had not yet established a home. Graciously my friend Maria fostered him for me for a few months along with another little chick that we found the next day who had a broken leg. At some point after fostering the baby chicks for months, it was time for them to integrate into the world. Unfortunately, because they had been imprinted with human beings, it wasn't safe for them to roam freely as most chickens and roosters do here on the island. So Maria reached out to Christy, founder of Kauai Animal Education Center, a wonderful, tiny nonprofit that takes in unwanted, abused, and abandoned animals here on the island of Kauai. She, along with her daughters, educates children on care, understanding and compassion towards animals. 


It is a truly phenomenal, unique place, filled with the most precious of creatures. Christy herself is a human being filled with boundless love. She and her daughters and volunteers work tirelessly to keep these sweet creatures safe, fed, healthy and happy. I've been so moved by her dedication and commitment to loving animals, especially ones that have been through unbelievable situations and they are at home safe and thriving on Christy's farm.


A few months ago, I went to visit my little chick, named Lumahai (after my favorite beach where he was found) to see that he now has a wife and babies of his own still living on the farm! It was so touching to see him as a grown rooster, a very, very handsome grown up boy I must say!! 


Christy is incredibly generous with her time and her tireless dedication to caring for these loving creatures. Her farm has goats, turkeys, pigs, cows, horses, exotic pigeons with fancy feathered feet, bunnies, ducks and more. Her beautiful nonprofit is definitely my charity of choice. We are donating a portion of proceeds raised on 1/11 and 1/12 to go towards Kauai Animal Education Center. Kauai Animal Education Center is also listed as one of the nonprofits on the Amazon Smiles website.


If there's something special that you have been wanting, please consider making a purchase during these next two Giving Days. We are also offering 10% off all crystals through the end of January. I would be thrilled to present Christy with a glorious donation. Last year we were able to donate generously to her thanks to your support and it would be amazing to be able to do the same this year and even more since we are taking two days this year to raise more dollars to donate.


Another way to support Kauai Animal Education Center is if you happen to be an Amazon shopper, you can change your settings to always make purchases under Amazon Smile which will donate money towards your organization of  choice.


I hope you get a chance to visit Kauai Animal Education Center. Please follow them on instagram @KAEC16 and feel free to reach out to Christy to schedule a tour of the farm! One of the best and most memorable experiences here on Kauai.


I appreciate you all taking a moment to read today's blog. May all creatures everywhere be safe, loved, healthy and happy, including all of mankind.

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