Starting 2022 with Passion: Garnet, the Stone of January

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Have you ever experienced the crystal goodness of Garnet? Garnet is a powerful, deep stone that guides the way through challenging times. Like a bridge over troubled water, garnet helps one through. It is a bringer of hope through whatever one is facing.
This root, sacral, and heart chakra crystal is a gem of passion and protection. Like a fiercely passionate warrior or lover, this potent crystal is packed with power. With its deep, earthy red tone, not only is garnet a powerful crystal, it is also an exquisitely beautiful one. I have a collection of stunning polished Garnet crystals in the shop that I had selected specifically for this month. As we move into 2022 with power, grace and stability, garnet is a perfect partner for this new year. This is also the gorgeous birthstone of January. For our Capricorn, Aquarian friends it is a lovely gift to receive your birthstone, either from a loved one, or because you want to treat yourself to something special.
I have also created some exquisite Garnet jewelry. Feel free to check out my website which features several magical, one of a kind garnet creations. 
Garnet is sacred. Garnet is deep. Garnet is rich. Just as what is in store for you for 2022. We have a potent year ahead.
I also invite you to continue creating your clarity list for 2022. Grab a fresh journal and start writing down all that you are bringing to fruition this sacred 222 year. 222 represents new beginnings. It is a time of awakening. It is also a time of deep healing.
2022 is a 6 year in numerology. The number 6 represents completion and perfection. As a Virgo, it springs a lot of joy to my heart, how about you? 6 is a number of unconditional love and compassion. The world needs this now. As we enter this period of time, let us all expand our ability to share unconditional love and compassion.
I wish you a beautiful, potent 2022 with new beginnings, a new chapter and a time of completion.

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