New Year’s Eve Rituals!

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And so we have come to the close of 2021. It is so amazing to look back on all of the transformation, incredible breakthroughs, healing, and personal triumphs. However this year unfolded for you, whether it was a challenging year or a year of great happiness, you made it! Take this time to reflect, rejoice, and recoup your energy as we move the hand of time to 2022.
Here is my favorite New Year’s Eve ritual: On a piece of paper write down everything that you want to release and let go of...I invite you to go for it and let it rip. Whatever wants to come out - the small, the petty, the huge - whatever you are really ready to move out of your life. Give yourself the time and space to really get it out!
On another piece of paper, write down everything you want to bring in for 2022. Get creative, give yourself the space to fantasize, explore, dream big, and get excited! This is your LIFE, your dreams and your aspirations. Give them the space to breathe, live and come alive within you and physically on your paper through your pen.
Make yourself a little fire. One way is: Take some Epsom salts (depending on your bowl size 1-2 cups). Add the salts to a metal or glass bowl, add some rubbing alcohol and light it. Best done outdoors of course!
Rip your “release" paper into bits and throw it in the fire watch it burn. Give yourself the time to be really present as you sit and watch these words that have come out of you move into smoke and ash as they are transforming and disintegrating. Take it in. You are taking a physical act to release all that does not serve.
Next, on your altar, place your paper of what you were manifesting. Place some of your favorite crystals over your paper. Of course we will include Citrine in the mix as you know this is my most favorite crystal for manifestation and it is the great and grand bringer in of opportunities!
Every morning when you wake up and have your meditation practice read your list. At night before you go to bed, read your list. Let yourself feel it as the words come out of your mouth. Allow yourself to drop in and feel this reality. Whatever images you imagine of what it would be to experience the life that you dream. The life that you see, the life that you desire. For 30 days place your list under your bed or pillow and let it dream with you.
For 2022, create a journal as you make your way through your list, note the triumphs, the little steps towards your dreams. Celebrate all the goodness that is coming from you taking a powerful action to bring your dreams into reality.
On January 1, 2022, I invite you if you are close to water - the ocean, a lake, a pond - to visit it. To visit water is cleansing and it is a reminder that we are a drop amongst the giant sea of life. Read your list to the ocean or the pond or the lake whatever water source is close and let the water carry your dreams into her vast body.
I wish you a joyful, peaceful, inspiring, transformative 2022.
xoxo Ele

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