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I’ve been experimenting with my own version of a nomadic lifestyle as I have been living between Kauai and Los Angeles. Back in May of this year, I gave up my permanent place here (which I absolutely loved) to commit to being on the island on a more full-time basis. As an earth sign, and someone who moved constantly as a child, I knew that it may or may not work depending on how I can roll, but ultimately I wanted to experience the freedom and the untethering. 
I got creative and rented a beautiful office space which I turned into my "storage unit" instead of having to go to a cold, dark, depressing place without power. I thought, "Why not get an actual physical office?" The price was actually less than storage and it was in a stunning office space. 
What I quickly learned upon returning back to L.A. is that I don’t like having my stuff in an office space! I need to be surrounded by my things. My belongings have energy and they are a part of me. I don’t feel weighed down by them. They inspire me. I’ve chosen each piece I own with care and love. Throughout my life, I’ve done so much purging as an ongoing practice, that what I actually have now are things that I cherish and treasure. I feel connected to them they anchor me and they give me comfort. 
Living a spiritual life does not mean we have to give up things that we love even in the form of "things". Every time I go to a new space, I set up my altar and as soon as I sit in front of my altar I feel a deep sense of home. Through the decades, as I have embarked on the life of deep inner work, both emotionally and spiritually, I’ve had judgment about my own need for things, whether it be lovely clothing, my vast crystal collection, or a very well stocked kitchen with all of the cooking utensils, plates, glasses, and everything that I need to create meals of nourishment.
As I’ve stayed in different places on my visits back to L.A., I noticed that not everyone has the same value when it comes to having the right utensils - even basics like water or a strainer or pans. It’s not as essential to everyone as it is to me. This time has really taught me to roll with things and also be very honest with myself about my personal preferences. 
My preference is that I am surrounded by things that make life easier, which for me includes a fully stocked kitchen, towels that I love, sheets that are soft and a home that inspires me with great lighting, attention to detail, including sleeping in a room that is dark and a bed that is incredibly comfortable. Also, one of the fundamentally important things that I realize is how important water is. In my homes I’ve always had a very good water filtration system for both shower and drinking and as I’ve come to learn not everyone cares that much about water as I do. All of my homes are specifically gridded with crystals; they are placed in specific parts of the home with intention and sensitivity. There is a huge difference being in a space or home that has been gridded with crystals and one that has not.
This has been an amazing experiment and what it is helped me realize is no matter what, I need a home and splitting my time between Kauai and L.A. Is lovely as a concept but in reality, I have to have my own space in both places. For now, I am anchored to the City of Angels for many reasons and there are so many people here that I love - my family lives here, my beautiful shop and my stunning team of extraordinary souls are here. My amazing clients and customers who come in and I want to be with them. So for now I am on the journey to find the perfect spot for my time here. For me home is everything. Home is where we reset, it is where we anchor. Home is a place of peace and solitude, rejuvenation and inspiration. Everything in my space that I create reflects that. It's a place to step into. To remember and reclaim power and truth.
I love the idea of the untethered, free lifestyle as a concept. I love the idea of living out of one suitcase and being completely fine with it. Truly that’s great for those among us who can do it in such a way  
that it gives them freedom!
I just know that it is not me…I love my freedom and I also love what anchors me. There is a deep peace in knowing myself and learning what works and what doesn’t. It’s fun to experiment and explore and ultimately being incredibly honest with myself is everything. My belongings give me a sense of belonging. Maybe that is why they are called belongings!
I do travel with certain crystals and they always come with me wherever I am. They definitely give me a sense of home, however I realize this is a rounded whole picture thing for me. I’m curious of your experience and how you feel. Have you ever tried of nomadic lifestyle? This time has really invited us all to untether and explore - it’s exciting and it’s also a little unearthing. I would love to hear how you are finding your way through this new chapter of our universal story. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. May we all find the deepest sense of home within our own hearts!
xoxo Ele

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  • Amen!

    Victor Osaka on
  • Your post on home spoke to me. 10 years ago we downsized and moved to an 1100 square foot place right on the water overlooking Montetey Bay. We gave up many possessions, but kept what we needed, used and love. Since have added more beach finds, Crystal’s and art. I too love my belongings and shorts, pillows, dishes, etc. Our home really feels like a daily beautiful refuge.

    Laurie Winthers on
  • Hi Ele—Wishing you a loving, peaceful & even more wonderful 2022 👍🏻 Thank you for inspiring me with your stunning creations and beautiful words🙏🏻😍

    Eugenia Weston on

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