Happy Winter Solstice!

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Today marks the darkest day of the year. Are you feeling extra introverted and quiet? Possibly feeling like snuggling in and heading to bed super early? This is the natural rhythm of this time. Four days from now, we are celebrating with our beloved family and friends. The sparkle of lights , the sweet smell of fire wood burning, the joyful celebration of Christmas magic is just four short days away.
Winter solstice is a time for going within, especially knowing that Christmas day is right around the corner. 
Perhaps you may take this day to spend some time alone reflecting on the quieter parts of yourself. Taking some much-needed time to meditate, sleep a little longer, and go a little deeper within and listen to your inner most longing.
Taking a day to really nestle in allows us to rejuvenate, allowing us to show up for ourselves and others more powerfully. Sometimes we need to let ourselves sink to the bottom of the pool to push powerfully through and break out the surface of the water. 
This is the feeling of winter solstice going deep within. I Invite you to embrace the depths of your soul today. Draw yourself a bath today. Grab your favorite crystals and snuggle up. Do some journaling. This cozy internal day is an opportunity to take care of yourself in the deepest possible way. Happy winter solstice!

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