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Recently I joined a choir here on Kauai called the Sacred Earth Choir. My dear friend Myrica MorningStar, who I do PK (a yearly full body cleanse called Panchakarma) with has talked with great joy and passion about the choir for years. Spontaneously, a few weeks ago, I said, “I want to join!” 
So I showed up for choir practice, joining 30 other joyful song birds along with an extremely passionate, positive and uplifting Choir Director, Daniel. I found my way over to the alto section and began singing with everyone. Happily, I picked up the music quite quickly as an auditory learner. The absolute joy and inspiration that poured through every cell of my body was truly inspiring and electrifying all at once.
We sing songs about loving the earth, creating healing and sending positivity, love and joy to everyone. These songs of inspiration were uplifting and suddenly I went back in time. I have loved to sing since I was a child but haven’t sung for over a decade. Not since my beloved voice teacher, Laura Hart, passed away (another story for another time). Yet, there I was, back in the bliss of music and singing.
I had my second choir practice this evening and it’s been such a boost for my creative flow. I found I have a little extra pep in my step since making this commitment to join this sweet group of happy people sending out love through song. It occurred to me how important it is to do what we love and do it often. 
Singing has been a source of joy for my heart all of my life. This has been a huge reminder to remember to keep alive and feeding all of the joyful expressions of what feed my soul. I’m sharing this with you because frankly, I just want to encourage you to do the same. What brings you joy? What have you loved your entire life that you are maybe even currently not doing that would fulfill your heart's longing? Why not begin today? Be it painting, planting a garden, dancing, collecting stamps, or stickers, having a penpal, writing or riding a horse? 
There are so many ways to fulfill the joy that makes us uniquely us. Doing what we love gives us purpose, it reminds us of the good in life. I invite you to do something that fulfills your heart this week. I would love to hear about your experiences and share in the adventure with you.
Here are some crystals that bring joy and inspiration:
Apophyllite literally is a puff of light! A crystal of light and sweet inspiration that brings a sweet love light into your space with this beautiful, high vibrational crystal.
Rhodonite with her deep red color ignites passion! This crystal brings your heart and root chakras in harmony. This is also known as the sexy stone, a beautiful crystal to root you deeply into yourself and the earth itself.
Citrine is a crystal of motivation, abundance and a bringer of goodness all around. Wear your citrine! Bring your citrine with you and watch the opportunities come rolling in. If you’re feeling a little bit stuck or uninspired this crystal is sure to awaken your instinct to move forward.
Sending you so much love, positivity and may you shine your beautiful light bright. We need it and we need you. Thanks for taking some time to read and share with others.

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