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Give the gift that keeps on giving:

Citrine, the ultimate abundance crystal, is the perfect holiday gift for everyone. Filled with the power and energy of the sun, citrine truly makes the perfect present. We have tiny citrine points, magnificent towers and everything in between! We also sell citrine mala beads which are perfect for meditation as well as citrine bracelets to wear for every day abundance.

Our favorite gifts under $100 are our intuitively selected bracelet bundles:

“Be Brave” - protection and permission to stand in one’s power, the perfect gift to encourage strength. 

“Full Clarity” - clearing and full of light, this bracelet bundle guides your way with purity and peace.

“Infinite Love” - our triple bracelets provide a soft, loving energy bringing kindness and love to the wearer.

For Him:

Come check out our amazing new men’s jewelry collection including raw, natural crystals set in 18K gold as well as men’s rings!


Shungite phone and computer stickers are perfect for shielding from EMFs.

Black tourmaline with Mica: A grand protector crystal for his work space.


For the BFF:

Stud earrings! Keep one and give one to your other half! This is a perfect way to stay in each other's ear! 

Our classic emerald divinity!

The stone of successful love and the heart is truly the most perfect Christmas gift.

And remember that children love crystals!

Create a custom pouch of special stones with correlating crystal cards for your precious children.

We are happy to help you pick out a perfect gift bag of the essentials and some unique crystals for your crystal loving kids


For anyone (or everyone?!) left on your list, light up their life with crystals!

We love crystal lamps. We have a variety of awesome crystal lamps in stock for the holidays including selenite Angels, selenite Star lamps, and rose or clear quartz lamps. There’s nothing like lighting up your gorgeous home with crystalline energy.

Please feel free to text us at 310-804-4611 and we can happily send you images, pack your gifts, and ship them out for you. 


Please note Monday, December 20 is the last guaranteed day to have your packages delivered on time. We are happy to ship for you.


And tomorrow is Super Saturday so definitely come by and shop with me in person. I still have a few spaces left if you want to secure an appointment and get my undivided attention. Plus I have a special in store GWP tomorrow only but you have to be here to know!


Xoxo Ele

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  • Looking forward to tomorrow( Sunday).
    I live on the east coast. What time will be your showing?

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