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Selenite is one of those affordable and extremely helpful crystals that should always be with you. Be it a small piece in your purse, or definitely a larger piece in your car, it's excellent underneath your bed, at your front door - anywhere and everywhere! 
Selenite is a purification crystal. It’s wonderful in the kitchen to put your groceries on after you’ve come back from the store. If you reflect on it, think about all the energy that it takes for your groceries to come home to you. It’s a great practice to just clear most everything as soon as it enters your home to neutralize and harmonize.
How do you go about that? Well, selenite slabs are fantastic helpers in this department. Lay any item on them, be it your car keys, your groceries or whatever you want to purify including your cell phone on top of your selenite. Let it work to cleanse and clarify.
Selenite round discs are fantastic to place your water or any beverage on top of. Especially those etched with the flower of life or any other sacred symbol. Why? Well, it puts that energy into whatever you are drinking and or purifying. By doing this you are harmonizing with nature and bringing it back to its source.
I grid my entire property with selenite. You can place selenite in every corner of your home and also on exterior to create a purification grid around your space.
Having selenite by your front door is a great idea. You can use it to literally clear your field as you enter your home. Just like we remove our shoes before entering a space, it’s removing the energy off of your physical being as you step into your home with clarity and purity.
If you’re having a meeting with someone that might be a challenge, it’s good to keep a piece of selenite on your lap and in your hand or even tucked inside your clothing as a protection.
When I fly, I bring a large piece of selenite and put it on the seat with me. It is very helpful. There’s so much energy contained in such a small space it is good to help keep the energy pure.
There are countless uses for selenite. One of my regular practices is taking off all of my jewelry and placing them inside selenite bowls and/or on slabs to clear it at night. The more you attune to energy you will feel the incredible purification process of this crystal and how vital it is. It is one of those incredible crystals that also clears other crystals. Place your crystals on top of selenite slabs and/or in selenite bowls to clear and neutralize them. It is a spiritual shower bath for your crystals.
Specifically good for crystals that cannot be put in the sun such as citrine, celestite and amethyst.
Selenite is a delicate crystal. It’s easy to chip it. However I love little bits of selenite being everywhere as they are purifying the world one little bit at a time.
Not to fear, selenite is here to cleanse, purify and reset anything and everything.
Xoxo, Ele

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