Summer Solstice is Here

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More light more sunshine.

Summer solstice is here.

We have been building up to the magnificent and powerful light for an entire year. Can you feel it? Here we are! The solstice energy is transformational as we open ourselves up to receiving more light in every cell of our body and every corner of our life. Time to shine brightly and bring in all the gifts from the sun, the moon, and light beings that are here to support us. This is a potent time to charge up your crystals perhaps bring a new Crystal friend into your life to signify this light awakening. 

Citrine is a perfect Crystal for solstice energy. It radiates the brilliance of sunlight, and it’s a bringer of abundance. This is the energy of the solstice time our cup runneth over with transformational energy.

Other beautiful crystal suggestions for solstice energy:

Sunstone This crystal emanates the Solar Ray, attuning one to Light and the energy of the great central sun. Sunstone teaches one to best utilize their skills and abilities to bring their desires into physicality.

Carnelian This juicy and bright stone is excellent for creativity and energizes any space to help get things done quickly. It promotes positive life choices and builds confidence, motivation, and power within oneself.

Angel wing Calcite This crystal fills the Crown chakra with light, like a halo, reminding us of our divinity. It calls light Angels towards us to work with us. This is also a wonderful crystal to gift the Angelic people in your life to remind them of who they truly are.

Tigers Eye A wonderful talisman for warriors, this stone instills confidence, courage, and strength. It's very protective and promotes harmony in relationships as well as helping those with differing views to find a common ground.

May you get soaked in the love, excitement, and joy of summer. Summer is such an exciting time for new possibilities: love, connecting with friends, soaking in all the goodness of these long days, & warm nights. We are brimming over with possibility! May you have a luscious, joyful and potent summer! 

We are all here to support you in any and all the way here at the shop please feel free to text us on our dedicated shop line at 310-804-4611. We are happy to help you pick out the perfect crystal for your summer . We can make some customized suggestions depending on what your personal needs are and that’s always exciting for us at the shop. Just know we’ve got you. We love you and are happy to bring more crystal energy into into your life.




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