Adorn Mom with Treasures from the Earth

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Mothers are phenomenal. They are the true superheroes of our lives.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Adorn the one who does it all with magnificent gems and crystals.

Moms have a power like no other. To save their babies , they’ve been known to lift up cars! Mom goes to bat in ways that only a mother can. A fierce protector, a nurturer, a giver, a wisdom keeper.

Mothering is a true heroic act. It’s been said that nothing is more powerful than the love of a mother. Her hands are healing and her heart is infinite.

To all of the extraordinary mothers out there, who know how to love to the highest realms possible, we celebrate you we love you and we treasure you. Adore this exquisite being with all of the treasures of the earth.

Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas for the superwoman known as mom.


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