Being Our Own Best Mother Workshop & Eclipse Integration

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Have you been feeling the intensity of Monday’s eclipse? Eclipse energy can be transformative, powerful, and super intense all at once. If you were feeling all the feels at the beginning of this week, you are not alone. It was definitely a blast of intense energy.


When light and dark emerge together, it stirs up some of the deeper hidden parts within us that are ready to be revealed, brought to the light, and transformed. This is a great opportunity for us, even though it may be bringing us out of our comfort zone. Seize the day because it’s up to us to look at and work through these gifts. These transitions are certainly not easy, yet they are worth our devotion to our personal growth path. 


I wanted to recommend a few crystals that are helpful through transformative times:


Black tourmaline, obsidian. Specifically, Golden and silver sheen obsidian is great for cutting through and walking through it with protective support. Shungite is another great protector I highly recommend.


All of the darker crystals are phenomenally supportive during this time. And I love pairing them with some of the lighter crystals like selenite, clear quartz, and apophyllite. Delving into some of the transformative messages Lemurian Crystals are incredible companions. Labradorite and moonstone are potent eclipse crystal as well. 


Let’s clear the way to make a room for what is next. A beautiful time for embracing our shadows, bring them into light and loving ourselves through the process.


Get excited it’s breakthrough time!!


I have been on a personal retreat here on Kauai reflecting on some of the deeper layers on my own path . Much has been coming up and ready to release. It’s so important to take time to step away reflect and allow what needs to to bubble up and out. I’ve been spending lots of time outside in nature with animals and birds and  my beautiful crystals here. I’ve been getting lots of deep rest, rejuvenation, and connection back to self. 


I’m so ever grateful to have this time to be able to go inside and tap into what is next on my own path and I want to share with you.


Speaking of which , I am very excited to be hosting a workshop on May 2nd in person in Santa Monica at the shop. I would love for you to join me on this very special pre-Mother’s Day event.


“Being Our Own Best Mother,” a workshop on channeling our divine feminine in every day life.


This workshop will focus on deepening our intuition, our connection with the Divine feminine . We will explore how to truly mother and care for ourselves on the deepest level possible and how crystals and loving rituals can support our greatest well-being. it’s my great joy to support you and having the most optimum , joyful, and loving life. How can we be our own best mother? How can we love ourselves in the deepest way possible? This workshop will be a beautiful, guided journey into enriching your life with a cornucopia of mothering love. 


If your heart is calling out for more tenderness, more self-care, and connection back to self, this workshop is for you. I am so looking forward to sharing and connecting with you on May 2 spaces limited, so please sign up early to ensure your spot.


Purchase tickets here




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