I’m in Crystal Heaven

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I’m on my yearly crystal shepherding pilgrimage to Tucson. I wanted to share a little bit about my experience over the past few days to give you a sense of the experience.

First of all, this is my crystal family. I’ve been working with these lovely beings over the past 19 years. It’s like coming home, reconnecting with old friends, and seeing the majestic beauty of the Earth and all of the crystal beings that are emerging.

I had the pleasure of meeting the author of the book of stones, Robert Simmons yesterday. Completely unassumingly, we met amongst the Arkansas quartz, which are some of the clearest and most beautiful on the planet. What a joy to meet a Crystal scholar as he was whipping out his flip phone... I love our eccentric community!

I am so excited to announce a beautiful pocket of flowering amethyst has been found! Some of my absolute favorite crystals in the world are flowering amethyst. They are so special, soft, and the first crystal I really and truly fell in love with. I’m bringing back some beauties that will be felt on a very deep, heart level.

I also found exquisite Uruguayan amethyst that I am thrilled to bring back to the shop as well as Rainbow filled Lemurian quartz!

There’s some lovely Citrines that have rainbows inside and are free formed in extraordinary shapes that are coming as well as incredible Angel Aura in both clusters and wild freeform shapes  My adventures will be continuing over the next week and a half.

I found these exquisite large, white, milky quartz points which are pictured in the images I featured with this post. Can you imagine having these in your home? We can make this reality!


My favorite find so far is five rose quartz seats and two ocean jasper seats. These have yet to be spoken for and they will make exquisite additions to your home or garden. They are able to be put inside or outside, and I am very excited about these for whoever is the lucky recipient of these exquisite crystals.


I am still offering personalized shopping for those of you who are looking for that special crystal to meditate with or to infuse your home with even more magic. Please let me know if you are interested in having a rare opportunity to work with a Crystal expert like myself. I have access and an understanding for this world that’s taking me years and years to cultivate and navigate. The trust, understanding, and love that I share with the Crystal miners that I work with is priceless. I am happy to share this gift with you by taking exquisite care of you and matching you with the perfect crystals.


We have a dedicated shop cell phone at 310-804-4611. Get in touch with the team and they are happy to connect you with me, it would be my joy and pleasure to crystallize your life and bring much love, abundance, peace, and transformation to you.

Sending a piece of Crystal Heaven to you. XO,


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