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As a long time, Crystal Shepherd and curator, I have access to the largest Crystal inventory in the world . If you’ve had a long time dream of a crystal bathtub, perhaps crystals sink or crystal throne. I can make this dream a reality for you. Feel free to reach out and I am happy to crystallize your home or work space in the most magnificent and elevated way.

I am heading out on my yearly buying trip and would be honored to work with you personally during this time.

Recently, I was interviewed for the Wall Street Journal, which came out in mid December. We spent well over an hour talking about living with Crystals and my experience with crystal home consultations.
Here are some of the questions that I was asked that I thought would be helpful to share with you

How does it feel to live with crystals?

Do you know the feeling of having a dear friend or family member come and stay with you? The house feels more joyful peaceful. There’s a sense of excitement in the air. This is what it feels like living with crystals. They enhance energize and beautify your space. Each of them bringing their unique gifts and particular energies.


What crystals do you recommend that everyone has in their home?

❊ Black tourmaline and Shungite, which I recommend to everyone creates a shield of protection and a grounded energy.

❊ I recommend that black tourmaline is by the front and back doors. For added protection, place black tourmaline in each corner of every room. Coupled with Shungite.

This is like having a shield of protection great for blocking EMS and unwanted energy in general.

❊ Celestite.
Soft angelic energy. It’s like inviting in the sweetness of an angels harp into your space, relaxing and soothing.

❊ Citrine
Living with Citrine is exciting and it is inspiring the Crystal of opportunity and Abundance .

A personal favorite of mine , I suggest specifically placed in your abundance corner. Abundance corner is as you’re facing inside your home at your front door, the left most corner of your home.

❊ Rose quartz
Joy bringer and heart, soothing. Rose quartz brings comfort and softness to your home. I like to add Rosequatz lamps throughout my home, especially in the bedroom it creates a soft, loving glow.
What are some of your favorite ways to enhance a space with Crystals?

Crystal lamps really enhance a home. I’m personally a big fan of the softness and glow of crystal lamps. I like to place selenite lamps in each room as it’s clearing and cleansing.

What’s an all-around good crystal in general?

❊ Amethyst!
Amethyst truly gives you what you need . This adaptive crystal is for most people the first when they begin with and for good reason, it relates to your crown. Chakra . It’s your connection to higher and spiritual energy. Plus if you need rest, it provides relaxation. If you need energy it will give you that. Many of the crystal mats on the market, including my personal favorite, Healthy lLnes include amethyst in their mats. There is a reason these .
Amethyst crystals are good for everything.

What are some good crystals for an office or communal space?
One of the funniest and most potent way to bring in Crystal energy is large, crystal furniture, and or tables.
There are many varieties of crystal table tops, Pink amethyst, agate or rose quartz a subtle way to bring Crystals into a space is through the use of crystal furniture.
There are rose, quartz seats, Amethyst and Quartz and more.

❊ Ocean jasper
The crystal of positive community and harmony within the home. I believe every place of business and home should have ocean jasper. It honors each individual and their gifts that they offer to the collective community.

❊ Pink amethyst is a beautiful crystal for the home and work place because it’s got the energy of amethyst plus the color pink, which is for the heart, soothing and adaptive these to work in harmony together.

Creating an environment that inspires you and is comforting at the same time is definitely the way to go.

We want to feel clear, balanced, peaceful, inspired, rested and healthy in our spaces. Whether it’s our work or home let’s bring crystal energy into the mix.

Even if your family members/coworkers are not into crystals, there’s no denying they bring peace and nature inside. And who knows what shift changes, awareness and transformations may start to occur even subtly. I’ve heard countless stories, and I’ve had incredible personal experience living with Crystals and working with them over the past two decades.

I so look forward to hearing about your personal experiences with Crystals and how bringing them into your life, makes a difference. Please always feel free to leave comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

And should you need more personalized answers and or have any questions, We are always here for you on our client dedicated text line at 310-8044611. You can always give us a ring and speak with us personally. Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

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