Having a Crystal Crush!

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Lately I’ve been attracted to Carnelian . This is a big surprise for me because orange has never been my jam. I am really loving this sexy connection I am feeling with Carnelian. Not surprising when you learn a little more about this beautiful crystal. 


 Carnelian is a creative, passionate, opening, and inspiring crystal.


 It’s been calling to me strongly, and I’ve been listening. I got together with a group of fellow artists to read our poetry together. I brought each of them a carnelian as a gift .


I am really feeling this creative and juicy energy and wanting to share it with friends. It is the artists crystal . If  you are looking to flow in your creativity even more this is the one for you.


I love how Crystals come exactly when we need them.There was a time where orange was definitely not a loved color for me to get with. I actually found myself repelled by it. 


 Here’s a little embarrassing story from my past :


Once upon a time, one of my dearest sister friends, so generously invited me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Her husband’s uncle (a world renowned fashion designer ) designed dresses for all of us bridesmaids to wear. And somehow I ended up with orange. I just felt so uncomfortable in the color. I actually judged it as ugly .


So what to do? I asked one of the fellow bridesmaids if she would trade with me . She had been assigned my favorite color, lavender .She was so happy to wear orange, and it looked amazing on her. 


 Looking back over 25 years later I am astounded at  myself . I guess I was just not ready for the power of orange at that point in my life. 


(Truth be told, super embarrassed that I even had the gall to ask to trade and not just wear it at the wedding and just be OK with it . Ah youth!! :)


Now this potent color of the sacral, chakra, creative force passion calls to me in such a deep way. Creative energy is very motivating. It opens us up to possibility a driving force for transformation.If you’re feeling a sense of dullness or lack luster, it’s time to bring carnelian into your life. Bringing passion and flow is an exciting way to breakthrough energy this year. 


 I am Inviting you to break the mold and expand your horizons now. More exciting adventures to come! 


If you’re feeling drawn to carnelian like I am, I have some incredible beauties at the store feel free to explore the website. However, as always we have a large selection of carnelian at the shop. Feel free to text the dedicated, client line at 310-804-4611 and we are happy to show you some of our favorite juicy carnelians.


 All my carnelian crushing love to you,


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