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New Years is a perfect time to begin, deepen or reconnect to your meditation practice. Whether you have been a meditator for years or you are just beginning the time is now.


Every new year, I sit and do some writing envisioning on what this year is about  . Bringing in words that resonate. This writing should be free, flowing, and fun. Let it rip! Dream big and be inspired! The symphony of your words is something that you will read back to yourself as a reminder and breathing, those words into the universe, mentally physically and spiritually. I suggest leaving this writing at your altar and reconnect with it often.


Daily meditation is such an anchor for me. I started meditating in 1994 and I have never skipped a day since.


My altar is sacred. Sitting in meditation is the time where I tune in and find spaciousness and peace. An altar is your special place to connect with divine reflect, and be inspired. Your altar can be anything that feels honoring to you. I personally have a large selenite slab, balanced with Shungite bricks that has created a beautiful altar that also clears energy and is a protector.


On your altar, you may place crystals, candles, perhaps a deity that may call to you, flowers, and incense.


It’s really about a place of sitting in connection with yourself and guidance.


Each crystal on my altar is chosen with great care .


Each day I sit at my altar, and I tune in to what crystals want to be held while I’m meditating. I hold a crystal in my left hand and in my right hand, I hold mala beads and count a mantra while I meditate. There are many different ways of meditation, and my practice has evolved over the past 30 years.


Each day I draw an alchemy card and at the end of my meditation practice I send positive affirmations to my body going organ by organ. 

It has been an evolution through the years. It began with a mantra I was given through my therapist, to years of ancestral healing clearing prayers , intuitive movement, and simply sitting in silence, quieting and listening at the same time. I  

Whatever your spiritual practice is as long as it feels good you are on the right path. May you enjoy your sacred time at your altar, it is nourishment for the soul.


Should you need help with setting up your altar, we are happy to support you feel free to reach out to us at 310-804-4611.


We can send you photos, videos of crystals, selenite altar slabs, and deities. As always, we are happy to support you on your journey.

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