The Portal Between Christmas and New Years is Your Time to Receive

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The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always a special window/portal to recoup, regroup restore, and nourish.


It’s a time to settle, reset, and to remind ourselves of what we are letting go of and what we are moving into in this coming week as we begin a new year. This is a time when I love to clean my house, organize, clear, and clean my crystals start to feel into what is next.


This is a precious time to set aside for yourself. Perhaps there are some little projects that have been put on the back burner since the pre-Holiday season, so much focus has been external It’s the season of go go go and rush rush, rush. Finally ,we have a week of quietude. 


My invitation to you is to deeply listen. 


What are you needing to create spaciousness and joy in your life?


It is a time to go through those old drawers and closets and let go of things and settle affairs before the new year. Room by room, drawer by drawer, organizing, decluttering and making space for new energy.


This week is the perfect moment, especially if you have some alone time. This is a beautiful week to sit at your altar spend a little time deeper in meditation, to tune in and listen to the inner guidance that is been so patiently waiting for you.


Some of us are much more comfortable with giving than receiving. We so generously give to others, and it brings joy to us. Yet, perhaps it might be a little harder for us to receive. I invite you to find the same level of joy in receiving. 


Let’s take this time to swing the pendulum back to us. Creating harmony, balance, and opening ourselves up to receive the wisdom of the universe. There are gifts just around every corner we just need to watch for the opening to take in all the love of the around us.


Upon waking , ask “what do I need to receive today? How can I open myself up to receive more and clear out anything in the way that is blocking reception?”


As you move about your space, continue to receive the guidance of what needs to go and what needs to be honored, moved and cleared. Perhaps there’s some new energy that you are wanting to bring in. Something that you wanted to receive that didn’t come during the holidays. 


This is a perfect time to give to yourself. Your beautiful, loving, giving self. You deserve all the love in the universe and you deserve to receive everything. Opening ourselves up and being receptive, we become a channel of clarity and aligned with the universal flow.


In the coming year, may we all strike a balance between giving and receiving. We are always here to support you. Reach out to us on our dedicated client line at 310-804-4611. We’re happy to help.

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